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Spring 2016

Let’s recap the first few months of the year!

This is really a good time to set goals for you and your dog!  Even though it’s March, you can start anytime of the year – like TODAY.  I really do think these are good questions –consider this:
-Younger Dogs:  What training, positive habits, activities do you aspire to accomplish this year?

-Middle Aged:  Is there some behavior you dislike, but accept? – Change that!  Remember to think ahead – Preventative healthcare is so important.

-Older Dogs:  How is their health, sound of mind, and quality of life?  What improvements can be made?

For me this month is all about the Love!  In what ways do you appreciate and love your dog, and how can you achieve more of that?  And for that matter, what does your dog love about your relationship and are you fulfilling it?

Welcome to the Pack!

Renzo - Rue - StellaG - TheoJ - Bear & Moose

Welcome to the House!

Jack - Racy

You will be missed!

Rhodie - Park City is too far dude!

March & April: 
This is when I get a little less sentimental; and start turning to the Environment around us:
– The weather is variable.  The changes in the weather excite dogs –changing sensory surroundings stimulates them.  Stimulus like wind, rain, and snow also distracts – it’s important to observe dogs carefully in these conditions.  Variable weather also means mud - cleanliness is so important to keep the dogs and the house happy!  Does your dog need a haircut – shave their underbelly slightly closer – it will help keep the dirt at bay.

  • I also think about how my dogs and I impact the trails that we use and the streams we enjoy.  Leave No Trace means to me: 
  • Clean-up:  With the snow melting there is plenty of evidence that the trails on the Wasatch front get a variety of users.  In the past few weeks I have cleaned up plenty of Doo (frozen, decomposing, and fresh).  Beer Cans, and bottles, sport drinks, candy wrappers, ski pole tips, a binky and orange peels – just to name a few.
  • Tread lightly:  be careful about how we impact the trails when muddy and vulnerable, pay special attention where streams are entered, and keep dogs on trail on especially on fragile terrain.
  • Respect the wildlife:  no chasing the deer, the moose; they were here first – leave all wildlife alone.
  • And, respect other visitors and protect the quality of their experience:  step to the side and keep noise to a minimum.
Hiking Hounds News:

We have been working as team in order to keep your dogs happy on the trail and remain true to Leave No Trace policies (small groups=less impact).  Currently we are Five Handlers, two working five days a week and three handlers working four days a week.  This allows me to accommodate last minute additions to our groups, my in-house boarders, and vacations for my handlers, who work very hard.  This is a win win situation!
We communicate daily via a message board, so we are all kept abreast of behavior and trail conditions.  I put out a Sunday e-mail with detailed information for each week.
Our schedule works so that we hike the same dogs two/three weeks in a row alternating between two handlers.  This keeps the personal and detailed information consolidated.  Then we rotate, which brings fresh energy and ideas to our work and keeps your dogs stimulated!
Here is a link to a Photo/Bio sheet for each handler; this will help remember names if you aren’t normally home at pick up and drop off.
(Can you imagine us?  Five white labs?  Six black dogs? – For us this is certainly when our observation and predication skills come into play!)
Boarding News:
We’ve got new toys, new cots to sleep on, a new dog door, the yard is ready, the chickens are showing off, Hugo is bossy and eating any food in unsealed containers and the house is the same!
Please book early:
Specify drop off and pick up times – here is a link to my boarding confirmation:
I am currently booking through September.
Happily, overflow is taken by my handlers!
New Handlers!

Replacing Glynnis who left in January and planning for Caroline’s departure, I have hired Elizabeth and Olivia.  The interview process and training takes a lot of time, however after 2 interviews, and 3 or more training hikes, they are well prepared!
Olivia has an intense passion for everything outdoors and alive. She studied environmental science and has had many opportunities to work with wildlife. A highlight of her work experience includes training marine mammals at the National Aquarium and The Aquarium of the Pacific. She has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each dog at Hiking Hounds and looks forward to spending more time with them outside!
Hello Hiking Hounds Family!  I'm Elizabeth and I'm so happy to be working with Hiking Hounds and to get to spend some time with your pups.  I have met most of them already and my heart has been won over (and over and over!) They are all awesome, with such fun personalities.  A little about me: I'm from the DC area and grew up with dogs and though I don't have one of my own right now, I dog sit whenever possible and try to be around dogs as much as I can- so this job is ideal.  I love dogs and love the roles they play in our families, so I will be sure to be loving and patient with all of the hounds I hike. I look forward to working with all of you and your dogs.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  I'm happy to help!
Special Guest:
Caroline and I have had the privilege of walking Noel, a Seeing Eye dog.  When her harness is on and she is working, she is on the job and focused.  When she is without her harness she goes into companion dog mode.  I am ever impressed with the different roles dogs play in our world and find Noel’s passion for working for her person an inspiration.
As a responsible dog owner do you want to learn more?
Loose Leash Walking:
This link pretty much sums up how I feel about the importance and once achieved the pleasure in loose leash walking your dog.  When training your dog – break up the times; perhaps by using a harness to define ‘work’ vs. ‘casual’ time.  Train 10 minutes at the start, reward by relaxing in the middle and train again on return home to reinforce the work done at the debut.

Hiking Etiquette:
As clients of mine, most of you understand the importance and privilege of hiking with your dog – read this link to share as ‘intellectual ammunition’ to others; or just to catch on to some inspiration.

Thank you so much for the privilege of knowing all of you and your pets – turtles, cats, bunnies and fish included!  Together we are a fine, fine group of diverse personalities who come together for one commonality – beautiful!
Tail End Reminders-

3/16 - 10/16
Begin Flea, Tick & Lice Preventative

3/23 - 3/26 Ellen is on vacation.
 Contact Caroline if you need help:  817-269-9714

No Hikes:
Memorial day
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