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2021 Edition B
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September 2021 Update, part 2
Censorship is alive and well over at Amazon Kindle. Last time it was our scholarly edition of the rare 1881 Victorian gay text Sins of the Cities of the Plain, which they banned for several years. Now they've banned the ebook of John Blackburn's 1972 horror novel Devil Daddy, while refusing to explain why. At Amazon, any book can be blocked from sale at some random employee's whim, with no right of appeal. Please remember that you have a choice of where to shop, and all our ebooks are available on our site, as well as Nook, Kobo and iTunes.

If you can't zoom in on the screenshot below, here is the email from Amazon:

"As stated in our content guidelines, we reserve the right to determine what content we consider to be appropriate. This content includes both the cover art image and the content within the book. We're unable to elaborate further on specific details regarding our content guidelines..."

Shipping and supply chain issues: As we've said, and as you've no doubt seen from other publishers, there are ongoing delays industry-wide right now. In-stock titles ordered on our website will ship by next business day, but titles not in stock will take 2-3 weeks to ship, plus transit time. If you have concerns, please contact us before ordering. We expect delays to continue at least through Christmas, and we thank you for your patience and understanding!
John Blackburn ebooks now available
At long last we're pleased to make many of John Blackburn's best books available worldwide in paperback and ebook. We originally published these as paperbacks in the U.S. only; now we are able to offer them as ebooks as well, and to offer both formats worldwide.

Back in the '60s, John Blackburn (1923-1993) was dubbed "today's master of horror" by the Times Literary Supplement, but really his novels are a genre unto themselves, an unclassifiable blend of horror, sci-fi, mystery, and thriller, usually with a dollop of medieval folklore and Cold War-era paranoia.
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Now up for preorder:
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Act of Darkness (1983) by Francis King

A gripping murder mystery and a chilling meditation on the nature of evil

The scene is 1930s India during the waning days of British colonization. The Thompsons, a prosperous and respectable English family, are enjoying a summer at their beautiful villa when a brutal murder is committed that will tear the family apart. But what seems at first to be an act of terrorism against British rule will turn out to be something much more sinister. After a series of surprising twists and turns, the truth behind the abominable crime will at last be revealed, an explanation far more shocking than anyone could have ever imagined ...

One of the most distinguished English novelists of the 20th century, Francis King (1923-2011) wrote fifty books over a sixty-five year career. Act of Darkness (1983) was the author’s best-selling and most universally acclaimed work, a remarkable achievement that is both a beautifully written literary novel and a gripping, page-turning thriller that is almost impossible to put down.

‘A terrific mystery . . . Unfolds like an evil blossom, each layer of petals curling down to reveal another layer of ambiguity and menace’ - The New York Times

‘Dark, lurid and shattering . . . he is a master novelist’ - Melvyn Bragg

‘Unputdownable’ - Paul Bailey, Evening Standard

‘Beautifully written . . . brilliantly successful’ - Auberon Waugh, Daily Mail

New audiobook! Listen to a preview.
We're pleased to announce our latest audio offering, and it's the perfect listen for this time of year, with autumn fast approaching and nights growing darker and chillier. Marjorie Bowen's classic 1949 collection of ghost stories, The Bishop of Hell, is narrated by Nicola F. Delgado. Check out the free preview over at Audible!
Preorder discount ending soon:
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Volume 5 of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories is now at the printer and will be arriving here in a couple of weeks, at which point we will begin sending out preordered copies. We're offering these at a terrific preorder discount, just $14.99 for the paperback and $24.99 for the jacketed hardcover, but that discount ends soon. The book contains 17 rare tales and four poems, all rediscovered from Victorian newspapers and magazines and almost none of which have previously been reprinted. These volumes are not only great seasonal reading but have actually become an annual Yuletide tradition for many of our readers, who tell us they read a story each night during the Christmas season -- sometimes in the traditional way, by reading them aloud with their families.
What we're working on
We're putting together a companion volume to World Horror Stories 1 & 2, which will feature horror stories from endangered languages

UNESCO estimates that of the 6500 languages in the world today, half will vanish in the next century.  What do we lose when a language dies out?  Well, great horror stories, for one thing! 

From the Friulian language comes Raffaele Serafini's "Anaxum", a folk horror tale about a young man's encounter with something weird and ancient in the forest, while Low Saxon author Chris Canter contributes "Moenen", in which a babysitter takes on the wrong gig, looking after a creepy child with a creepier doll. In Frisian writer Willem Schoorstra's "For Sale", a woman finds her dream house, which seems too good to be true (until she finds out what's living inside it!), and Scots skriever Stephen Pacitti's "Dunnottar" takes us on a bone-chilling journey to a Scottish castle haunted by the ghosts of the past. The volume will also include stories from Occitan, Basque, Romansh, and others, and has an anticipated release date of late 2022.
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