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The Woodlands Camera Club
Post-Processing SIG

Processing Your Photos SIG
(AKA Post-Processing SIG)

Monday, February 17, 2020
7:00 PM - Jones Library
(south end of the main building)

Stuff You Can Use

We have another session devoted to things people have asked for.  We often have the opportunity to self-post images in our website galleries, and this creates the need to identify our work.  This can be accomplished through metadata (the stuff that doesn't show) or watermarks/logos (the stuff that does show). These can also help protect our images from unauthorized use. Our topics covering these are:

  • How to Add Copyright Metadata to Photos (Shirley Voelker as told by Mac Rodgers)
  • How to Add a Simple Watermark During Lightroom Export (Shirley as told by Mac)
  • How to Create Graphic Watermarks and Logos for Use in Photoshop and Lightroom (Mac)
And to finish off the evening, we'll cover another requested topic:
  • Overview of Lightroom Workflow (Don Rueter)

Note: The Post-Processing SIG isn’t just for advanced users, it’s for “beginners” and “continuing learners.” 

Previous month handouts and links are available on the club website SIGs page:

As always, laptops are encouraged but not required. Bring yours if you want to follow along on some of the examples, or if you can share a little about one of your favorite post-processing processes. 

Mac Rodgers  |  Don Rueter
Pete Poulsen (cell: 832-423-9565) 

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