30 Tree Drawings!
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30 Day Challenge

I was following the progress of my daughter-in-law's drawings on FaceBook as she was preparing a large 4-Seasons project for "Art Prize" which is held every year in Grand Rapids, Michigan (I think you can see them here at: - beautifully framed by my son!), and when she was done, to make a longer story shorter, she more or less challenged me to do a drawing a day for 30 days.

So I took up the challenge and decided to draw a different tree for 30 days, I'd always wanted to not be intimidated by the thought of drawing or painting trees, and this was my opportunity!


I didn't always have a chance to finish my drawings, but here is my fourth drawing and I think it's my favourite one, not because of having the time to spend hours and hours over the drawing but because of the tree itself and its odd location; it's in a little park behind the classic Chicken Burger restaurant in Bedford, NS. On a sunny day, it's the perfect spot for lunch.
I did quite a few drawings of trees from Point Pleasant Park. It is a wonderful park in downtown Halifax, right on the water front, and if you haven't been there, once you do go, it will be a regular place for you to visit and walk through.
We had a hurricane a few years ago (named Juan) and it destroyed a whopping 70 percent of the trees in Point Pleasant Park. Michael and I went for a walk a few months afterwards and it was a very odd experience walking among the dead and dying trees damaged by the storm. However, the forms and shapes of leafless trees was both haunting and beautiful at the same time. I did a number of "storm tree" drawings and it was a strange honour to memorialize them.
Every tree location has it's memory for me; my daughter and I once had a lovely picnic near this tree (above) on a picnic bench during a lunch hour. I'm happy this tree survived the hurricane. (Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, NS)
After I'd done about 23 drawings in pencil and charcoal, I was craving colour, so I did some watercolours and then some drawings on my iPad with a program called "Paper - by 53". It was a pleasant change. This, done on my iPad, is another tree from Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, NS.
One day during the 30 days of tree drawings my daughter-in-law remarked that I shouldn't need to labour over these drawings as much as I was. (I had been spending sometimes more than 4 hours on a single drawing.) And almost at the same time my husband challenged me to do a 10 minute drawing - which I did in charcoal. It was quite successful, and then a few days later, with NO time to do a drawing, I did this one on my iPad in less than 10 seconds! I like it.
So, these are a sampling of my best tree drawings, and soon I'll have all 30 posted up on MY WEBSITE AT:
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