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EV Society has been advocating for the inclusion of electricity as part of a Federal Clean Fuel Standard (CFS).  We are excited to announce that many of our recommendations were incorporated in important CFS announcements that were made at the end of June (here, and here) by Environment & Climate Change Canada, under Minister Catherine McKenna. 
This is a commitment to meaningfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce local air pollution, and accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility with a Federal Clean Fuel Standard.  A Clean Fuel Standard will reduce the carbon intensity of traditional fuels, including polluting diesel and gasoline, and also stimulate private sector investments in renewable fuels, including electricity, and efforts to support and accelerate electric vehicle adoption. 
Surveys have shown that the two most significant barriers to EV adoption remain purchase price and charging infrastructure.  The proposed Clean Fuel Standard will address both of these barriers.  The framework will enable and encourage EV manufacturers to reduce vehicle costs (for example, through point-of-sale rebates on vehicles or home charging equipment), help charging operators and utilities who invest in charging to expand their charging infrastructure networks faster, and allow the Canadian government to accurately and comprehensively quantify the true energy used for electric transportation across provinces for better planning purposes. 
These investments will accelerate the transition to electric mobility through funding derived from producers of fossil fuels.  Funds are NOT sourced from public taxpayers.  This is NOT the same mechanism as the highly publicised Carbon Tax! 
Canada isn’t alone in having a Clean Fuel Standard.  Similar programs exist in California, B.C., other U.S. States, and Europe and have operated for years.  Canada has drawn on best practices from those early programs and today’s proposal represents a made-in-Canada solution that, once implemented, will work for the benefit of all Canadians.
If you support efforts to accelerate the transition to electric mobility in the Canadian Clean Fuel Standard, then please send an email or tweet to Minister McKenna.  Examples are below:
Email: ( Dear Minister McKenna, I support the Clean Fuel Standard proposal and encourage you to move quickly to bring it into effect.  By including EV manufacturers in the program, Canada will encourage lower priced EVs, better EV supply, and the construction of more charging infrastructure.  This approach will also provide a more accurate picture of clean energy consumption used in Canada’s transportation fleet and will allow Canada to better track progress towards reducing greenhouse gasses.  Please implement the CFS as soon as possible so we can accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation and our Paris climate targets.  Yours sincerely.

Twitter: .@CathMcKenna the new approach to supporting electrification in the #CleanFuelStandard is excellent. It will encourage more EV sales, make EVs more affordable and fund more charging infrastructure while using only accurate EV charging data. Please implement ASAP

Wilf Steimle 
President, EV Society 

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EV Society AGM Annoucements

The Electric Vehicle Society Annual General Meeting was held via Teleconference on 29 June, 2019.

The election committee reported the resignations of board members Cindy Toth (Secretary) and Jaff Stevenson (Acting Treasurer) in March after exemplary service. Since the number of nominees standing equaled the number of vacant Director positions, the nominees were acclaimed in accordance with the EV Society By-Laws.  

The 2019 Board of Directors are, with congratulations:
  • Devin Arthur
  • Stephen Bieda
  • Sean Hart
  • Mike Knox
  • Raymond Leury
  • Wilf Steimle
For more information about our board of directors, you can visit "About EVSociety" on the web.

Municipal Spotlight

City of Toronto

The City of Toronto held an Electric Mobility Strategy Stakeholder Workshop last month at Metro Hall. We joined with other stakeholders from across the electric vehicle industry to provide feedback on the city’s preliminary strategy and implementation plan.

City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa is going to purchase 2 electric busses and install charging infrastructure to support them. For more information see the story on CBC News.

Petro-Can’s EV chargers herald a new era

It’s just 50 stations to start, but this year’s rollout underscores the palpable potential for petroleum suppliers in Canada to rethink their mission.
Read the full story over at Electric Autonomy Canada.

Federal EVID program accepting applications

This program aims to accelerate the market entry of next generation clean energy infrastructure, by supporting demonstration projects of innovative EV charging and H2 refuelling technologies, which will lead to an increased uptake of ZEVs. 

Submit your Proposal by October 18, 2019 23:59 EDT

Full program details can be found here.

BYD opening first Canadian electric bus assembly plant

Build Your Dreams has announced it will open its first Canadian electric bus assembly plant in Newmarket.

The company expanded its North American operations with a 45,000-square-foot facility on Harry Walker Parkway that is the first new electric bus plant to open in Ontario in a generation. At first, the facility is only expected to employ a handful of people but a spokesperson pointed out that number has the potential to grow into hundreds as other BYD facilities have done.

It is expecting to be up and running this summer.

Full story can be found here.

Ford teases a full electric F-150 by pulling a 1.2 million lb train

In a surprise video release, Ford teased the upcoming F-150 full electric prototype by pulling a 1.2 million pound train filled with trucks.

A lot of people are very excited to see this come to market, with good reason. The F-150 has been the best selling truck in north America for the past few years, and this could be a huge tipping point for BEVs in terms of market penetration.

For the full article and video, see this link from InsideEVs.

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