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In the last weeks of election 2016 I will be sending out images and data for your use from the L2 national voter file along with visualizations from L2 VoterMapping. These visualizations will give you a new look at the most up-to-date data of the electorate. We will utilize voter, consumer and donor data. I will also include modeled issue segments from HaystaqDNA.  

Please feel free to use any images or data but please credit "L2" or where noted "L2/HaystaqDNA" and email me or call 646-457-1439 with any questions or special requests. If you'd like VoterMapping for yourself, email and I'll set you up at no charge. 

New Registrants - November 4, 2015 through October, 2016
Pennsylvania New Registrants: 275,901 (See Full Demographic Report)
36% Republicans // 46.8% Democrats //15% Other
64.4% 18-29 years old
66% White // 7% Hispanic // 6.5% African American
75% from outside of an urban area

Note: Dots are colored by Political Party Red=Republican // Blue=Democrat // Silver=Other

Ohio New Registrants: 412,246 (See Full Demographic Report)
12% Voted in Presidential Primary
63.8% 18-29 years old
68% White // 4% Hispanic // 10% African American
65% from a city or urban area

Florida New Registrants: 692,321 (See Full Demographic Report)
35% Non-Partisan // 33.4% Democrat // 28% Republican
35% 18-29 // 25% 50-69
47% White // 26% Hispanic // 12% African American
46% from a city or urban area

New Registrants Nationwide 8,829,369 (See Full Demographic Report)
38% Non-Partisan // 37% Democrat // 21% Republican  
58% White // 16% Hispanic // 8% African American

Modeled Issue Data - Marijuana Legalization Supporters from L2/HaystaqDNA
Likely recreational marijuana legalization supporters: 32,286,037
52 % Democrat // 35% Non-Partisan // 9.8% Republican
Gender: 58% Male // 40% Female
Age: 25% 18-29 // 23% 30-39 // 18% 50-69
Ethnicity: 60% White // 14% Likely African America // 11% Hispanic

Note: Warmer colors indicate greater likelihood of marijuana legalization support. 

About L2
For over 40 years L2 has been the most trusted source for enhanced voter, consumer and modeled issue data. L2's national voter file remains the most accurate and frequently updated in the marketplace and contains the largest number of detailed voter file segments for traditional and digital targeting. As a non-partisan provider L2 is able to tap powerful solutions including modeled issue data from HaystaqDNA. The HaystaqDNA modeled issue segments give users a detailed view of all voters regardless of party affiliation. L2 also provides party affiliation in all 50 states by modeling party ID for voters in states without party based registration.   In addition to voters, L2 maintains a powerful 265 million+ adult consumer file.

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