As we enter a second lockdown in England, we’re all finding our way, wondering how to cope, working out ways to get through it, again – each of us with our own experience of lockdown woes and lockdown diversions.

And as I write this I’m watching through the window, against a background of stormy sky, a small flock of starlings murmurating their little hearts out.

It’s not the iron-filing swirls that often fill the skies above Brighton Pier. It’s not thousands, not even hundreds - but these fifty or so starlings aren’t going to let that stop them. They have their tribe, they have their wings, and they have the stage of the open sky.

Are they playing? Nobody knows for sure. It certainly looks playful, as they shapeshift from black cloud to serpent to horse head and back again.

And it’s there, right outside my window, every day at 4pm. All I have to do is stop and look.  A murmuration not even worth putting on a map, but my murmuration, there for the cherishing.

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"Mel's online improv classes have been the absolute highlight of lockdown. Being a classic introvert, I was worried about feeling exposed or about having to be 'funny on demand'. Nothing could be further from the truth."


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