Welcome to our first newsletter of 2021
We're all facing, to varying degrees, a very tough few months. We don't know about you, but this time around it feels like it's going to be a lot harder to find the resources - material and emotional - to keep our spirits up.

As it’s going to be a time for staying in and staying close to home, we’ve been looking to our immediate surroundings for some playful inspiration.

It started in the living room with a rearrangement of the furniture. We also gave the sofa a make-over by finally putting to use the lovely throw we were given two Christmases ago. We admit it’s not world-changing stuff, but boy it felt good.

And when you’re sitting in a different position, you start to notice new things – like the huge cobweb hanging from the ceiling in one corner – or the way, at a certain time of day, the winter sun bounces off the windows of the house opposite.

So what’s next? We don’t have a lot of scope. It’s really not a big house. In most of the rooms the furniture only fits one way, if we want to be able to get in and out of the door. But we reckon there are still ways we can make some changes. We could rearrange the books on the shelves - get creative and organise them according to size, colour or (if we’re really ambitious) font style.

We might swap round some of our paintings, so that we start to ‘see’ them again. We’ve already found a solution to our ‘excess calendar’ crisis. We’re hanging one in every room of the house. As this doesn’t currently include the bathroom, we’re good to go if another calendar comes our way.

Of course, we could set to and re-decorate the house, but our way feels infinitely more playful and is a quick 'win' in terms of satisfaction. Basically, all we’re doing is recycling what’s already here, but it feels as though we’re breathing new life into familiar things.

There could well be an impressive metaphor to be elaborated on here – something to do with life and small changes – but we’re too busy playing house to find it.

Mel & Jess

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Improv Saturday 9 Jan 2021
What's On

'Playful Being's online improv classes have been the absolute highlight of lockdown.'
For those of you who are regulars at our Zoom sessions, rest assured, we will be continuing to run online classes until we can all safely be in a room together again.  If you've never been to a class, now might be just the time to give it a try!

Here's what's coming up:

Intro to Improv
Wednesdays, 6 to 7pm

Improvised storytelling games (monthly)
Sun 17th January, 7 to 8pm

Improv Saturdays (fortnightly)
11am to 12:30pm
23 January, 6 & 20 February

'I was floating on a cloud of laughter afterwards.'

For more details and to book your place on any of the above, go to our Eventbrite page or visit our website

All levels welcome (18 and over).  Any questions, email us
  • We're delighted to announce that we were able to donate £100 to St George's Crypt following our fundraising Chrimprov Saturday in December. Thank you!
  • How about some tailor-made games and fun for your family Zoom or online work social? We're now offering special workshops for groups of up to 10 people. Gift vouchers available too. Email us to find out more.
  • The deadline for Chain Reactions, our new cross-artform digital project, has been extended to 25 January. For more details click here.
And some things we like...

Taskmaster at home - brighten up your Zoom get togethers with some silly things to do, and help raise money for Homeless Link.

Fare Well - a beautiful welcoming in of the New Year in Scotland. A little past the moment we know, but this moved and thrilled us in equal measure.

Get some tips on staying joyful in later life (or any time actually). 
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