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I’ve been thinking a lot about playfulness recently, triggered by an online course I’ve just joined called, invitingly, Cultivating Playfulness. It’s reminding me how often I neglect my own playful self, letting it get lost in the jumble of daily life, and how it takes courage as an adult to play. Play is for kids, isn’t it? So we are going against society’s expectations when as adults we dare to say “I want to play”.

Read what our guest blogger, Alice Smith, has to say about the particular challenges of being a parent with playful children when the kids seem to have all the fun.

So, who wants to come out to play?


Playful Being

Improv Jam

We had a whole heap of fun at our first Improv Jam last month. Light-hearted, inspirational entertainment that's all just made up on the spot. Amazing! Sit back and enjoy the show, or have a go yourself if you fancy giving it a try.

North Bar Social, 8-10 Bondgate St, Otley LS21 3AB.

First Sunday of the month 7 to 8.30pm
£2 on the door

Next Jam is this Sunday, 3 March. See you there!
Guest Blog
by Alice Smith

I'm a woman in my 40’s with two playful children and a responsible and sometimes serious and stressful job. As a younger woman I found I had many opportunities to be playful including dressing up parties, on the dance floor in clubs, lots of informal hanging out. I've always enjoyed connecting with others in creative and playful ways, pushing my boundaries and being light-hearted in any way I can find. As I've got older and had children those opportunities to be playful with my peers have reduced – parties tend to be more about conversation and catching up and less about play. Playing is an opportunity to feel close to and relax with other adults in a very unique, spontaneous way and I want this connection to continue and thrive in my life.

I often find myself at events where parents stand back and watch whilst their children have all sorts of playful opportunities – roller-skating parties, bushcraft workshops, craft classes and drama clubs. I've observed parents wading in to join the play, desperate to express their creativity and then having to hand back the Sellotape or pink wig to a 5 year old when they realise this event is ‘not for them’. I notice many parents deny their own need for creative, spontaneous connection with others by hiding behind their children’s experience,
and then inevitably struggling to connect with this side of themselves as they feel ‘out of practice’.

This is why I jumped at the chance of a playful activity just for adults where I don’t have to be responsible for a child’s wellbeing, or play in the way they want me to. I can’t hide behind my children’s imagination but can shine myself. I love playing with my children and believe that by having the opportunity to play I can also be more responsive to their invitations to play. Playing allows me to enjoy and develop the creative, fun, spontaneous and light-hearted side of me that I love. 

Alice Smith
Playful Voice Workshop
Saturday 9 March

10.30 to 12

£7 in advance (£8 on the door)

Being Better, High Street House, Skipton, BD23 2HU

Take your voice on a play date with this morning of improv-based games designed to get you speaking up, speaking out and, generally, making some noise.

What it is:
An opportunity to play with your voice and experience some of the wonderful (and wonderfully silly) things it can do. A chance to join with other voices in a glorious celebration of sound, and to surprise ourselves and each other with the power and versatility of the human voice. A little bit of joy and magic to start the weekend

What it isn’t:
We may be making music, but it’s not a choir. We’re not musically trained and you don’t have to be able to hold a tune.

Book here
Improv Saturdays

Games galore and fun unlimited...
Bring out your playful side and get giddy with a bunch of fun people - and learn some improv skills along the way. What's not to like?

Sat 23 Mar
Sat 13 April
10am to 12.30pm  £14

Clifton Village Hall, Otley LS21 2EX

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