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As the country slowly but surely begins to be 'unlocked', we are starting to anticipate a return to 'in person' classes, in some shape or form, over the coming months. Rest assured that we will do this only when it is safe to do so, and that, longer term, we will be offering a mix of 'in person' and online classes to meet the needs and wishes of all members of our growing community - old, new and not yet met.

In this month's newletter, we're starting a series of guest blogs called Play in Practice. We're delighted to have Yorkshire-based 5Rhythms teacher Rose Ramsay as our first guest.

We're also excited to be bringing you two new workshops over the Easter weekend. These are in addition to our regular weekly, fortnightly and monthly sessions. Find out all the details you need below, and hope to see you soon!

Mel & Jess
What's On

*Easter Weekend Specials*
Olymprov Games - Sat 3 April, 11 to 12:30  £10
Join us for 90 minutes of the ridiculous and the random, as we play improv-style group games and challenges.

Play/create/write  - Mon 5 April, 4 to 5pm  £7
Stimulate your imagination and fire up your writing with an hour of creative play.

And here's what else is coming up in March and April:
Improv Hour (weekly)
Wednesdays, 6 to 7pm   £7

Improvised storytelling games (monthly)
7 to 8pm  £6

Sun 14 March

Improv Saturdays (fortnightly)
11am to 12:30pm  £10

20 March

'I'm learning such a lot and laughing such a lot, too.'

All sessions are on Zoom. For more details and to book your place, click on a link above, go to our Eventbrite page or visit our website

All levels welcome (18 and over). 

And if you want something just for you and your friends/family, we also run bespoke workshops for groups of up to 12.
Get in touch, and we can tell you more.
Play in Practice

The fluidity of play

We're delighted to be kicking off our new guest blog series with a Q&A with Rose Ramsay in Bradford. Rose has been dancing 5Rhythms since 2003, and been an accredited teacher since 2011.

What is 5Rhythms?
The practice was created by Gabrielle Roth and grew out of her experiences of teaching dance to elders, people in psychiatric units, children and young people, as well as thousands of people in workshops who were seeking a deeper relationship to their own bodies. Over time she identified 5 main Rhythms: Flow, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness, and together these form a Wave of energy. In a class we move through these 5Rhythms, exploring in movement and dance how our own bodies hold, express and release these patterns and rhythms.

What, for you, is the role of play in 5Rhythms?
I see play as a willingness to explore something, in this case movement, without judging what is created. When children are absorbed in play, they bring everything to it, all their energy, attention and imagination. I like that notion of play as something that is whole-hearted and involves the whole self, where what is being created is constantly changing and evolving. There is a fluidity in play that moves around fixed points.
In what ways does play feature in your own dancing practice? 
There are times when I sense that I've dropped into the open space where I can 'play' rather than trying to get it right! I feel that the 5Rhythms enables every body to move in and out of moments of beauty and grace irrespective of our body shape or levels of mobility. Sometimes I'm aware that I so want to be in that state of grace that I try too hard and it becomes work with a goal or outcome rather than staying open to the possibility of what is here, in this moment
And in your teaching?
I like to think that play permeates throughout my teaching, and especially in longer workshops where we have more time to create an open space, and let go of the judging mind. I like to offer a piece of work (such as a movement exercise or a dancing journey) and then see how this works in the group, and what unravels as we 'play' with the material. I'm curious to see how it evolves.
This is an excerpt - to read Rose's full answers click here

Find out more about 5Rhythms and Rose's teaching on her website
Chain Reactions - the spark is lit!

As part of Ilkley Lit Fest Digital Fringe we commissioned six artists to produce a creative response to the idea of ‘Spark’. We’re now challenging people across the Yorkshire region to get creative themselves and forge new ‘links’ in the chain by taking inspiration from one of the six pieces.

So take a look and get inspired:
Sound collage
Spoken word poetry
Textile art

Your response can take any art form: dance, spoken word, a short play or monologue, a song or piece of music, sound art, visual art, film, poetry or anything else you like. Be playful!

Whether this is your first time creating something or the five-hundredth, we want to hear from you.

Email your responses to:

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