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Jess recently returned from CounterPlay, the wonderful festival of play in Denmark, and gives us her first impressions. We've news of upcoming workshops, a chance to be part of the new-look interactive Ilkley Lit Fest Fringe and a whole host of other playful stuff for you to dip your toes into...
CounterPlay 2019...

...a space brimming with playful people looking for the game, and finding it often, and in unexpected ways – walking sticks transforming into hooplas, a soft ball as a portal to another world. A wall of white boxes becomes a tower, an igloo, a place to be cheerfully defended from marauders wielding brightly coloured boom whackers. A ball of wool unfurls across a room, around and underneath and through and between, and creates a web of magic…

CounterPlay is a unique coming together of people excited about play and its possibilities in today’s crazy world. It’s an invitation to experience play as a way of life – to choose play as a way of life. Playful people are better equipped to cope with a complex world, we are told, and here, you can believe it.  

We are invited to forget why we came, to try to find, and lose, our balance in play - to embrace how it can change us and the way we interact with each other and the space around us. We are encouraged to allow play to be personal – to enter as fully as we feel able to, and to step out whenever we need to. Play is an invitation – to continue the game we must all want to keep playing.

And for three days I did just that: from Playing The Fool, to co-creating a joyful and rambunctious
Chaos Lab, to bringing together a room full of people ready to Play/Connect/Grow - threaded throughout with good conversation, sparks of inspiration, deep connections and just a little bit of dancing...


Improv Taster


Saturday 11 May 5 to 6pm

Meanwood Institute, 94 Green Road, Leeds LS6 4LD

Improv is a collaborative, creative practice where everything is made in up in the moment. It's about being present and saying YES to ideas; seeing ‘mistakes’ as opportunities and recognising the creative potential of everyday experiences.

Want to give improv a try? Join us for an hour of easy improv games in this high-energy, low-stress taster session.

And we can guarantee there'll be a lot of laughter along the way.

‘Pretty much all I thought of was the moment I was in. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was.’ Mary, Ilkley

Register your place here, and pay what you feel on the day.

Secret Writers' Club
Sunday 12 May
12 to 5pm  £45

Already writing but need some fresh impetus?
Always wanted to write but never quite got round to it?
Been scribbling away in secret for years?

Join our club, and see where an afternoon of playful, creative inspiration takes you...

Interested? Email us on to find out more.

Clifton Village Hall, Otley LS21 2EX
The Ilkley Lit Fest Fringe is changing. Taking place over one weekend (5 and 6 Oct), it will be a smorgasbord of delights for audiences to sample, produced and hosted by Playful Being!

Our vision is that Fringe 2019 will:
  • Be inclusive, interactive and just a little bit different
  • Mix scheduled events with pop-ups and promenades
  • Showcase a diverse range of voices and genres
Events can take place indoors or outdoors. They could be hour-long performances or interactive workshops,  promenades or flashmobs, 15 minute pop ups, improvised interventions or anything else that fits with the vision of the weekend.

You will be a group or individual from, or with strong links to, the Yorkshire Region. This might be your first performance or a chance to present a new body of work. You might experiment with a whole new format or give existing work a new spin. You could think about how to make your event interactive and engage audiences in new ways, or how you could draw on other art forms as well as your own.

Deadline Tuesday 30 April 12pm
Details and application form available here.
Improv Saturdays

Games galore and laughter unlimited...
10am to 12.30pm  £14

Clifton Village Hall, Otley LS21 2EX
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