Are safety boots really safe?
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Are safety boots safe in snow and ice?

If you answered "yes" you may want to think again...

Two years ago I was walking home and, because it was icy and had just snowed, decided to wear my safety boots.  I had not gone far when I fell hard on a pavement covered with snow on top of ice causing a ligament in my shoulder and arm to detach.  This required a difficult operation, my arm was in a sling and I was off work for 4 months unable to sleep most nights due to the excruciating pain.  I will not have full movement of my shoulder for the rest of my life.  All because I thought safety boots were "safe" in snow and ice.  
Should I have known better as a safety consultant?  Possibly, but I just thought that because safety boots are designed to protect the feet and ankles in high risk environments they would be safe in snow and ice.
The problem is that although the soles have deep fissures for good grip in mud and uneven surfaces, the surface that comes into contact with the ground is as smooth as glass on most safety boots and shoes.
My strong advice to avoid the pain and loss of earnings that I went through, check the soles of your footwear before you use them in snow and ice.  Make sure the soles are not smooth on the bottom surface.

The photo is of the boot that caused the fall.


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