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Now accepting applications for the
2020-2021 Country Representative position

Please share this opportunity with your Chapter officers and fellow members!
JETAA USA Country Representative (CR) platforms must be submitted by Friday, March 13th.

Are you interested in contributing more to the JETAA community?

Joining JETAA USA at the national level is a wonderful opportunity to further lead JETAA Chapters and communities through projects, events, and national and local conversations! You'll be supporting JETAA USA, USJETAA and working alongside key members engaged in US-Japan relations.  

Per JETAA USA requirements, all three CR positions are available for the 2020-2021 Japanese fiscal year. Current CRs are welcome to run again, and we welcome new folk to bring their unique skill sets to the board. The CR term is one year (April 2020 – March 2021) and is determined by a vote of all JETAA USA Chapters.

  • Be a JET Program Alumni
  • Be a registered member of a US Chapter
  • Be in good standing with their member Chapter (requires an endorsement from their local chapter)
  • Be a current or past duly elected or non-elected officer of a local Chapter who has served at least one complete term at the local Chapter level; the candidate does not necessarily have to currently reside in the area where s/he was a Chapter officer
  • No CR may hold a position in their local JETAA chapter while serving as a US Country Representative
  • No more than two CR positions may be filled by members from the same US Chapter
  • Have attended at least one National Conference as a conference delegate
  • Member Chapter must be able to take on the financial responsibilities of requesting and managing CLAIR GIA funds to support you upon election. 
Check out the JETAA USA Bylaws and the CR Job Description; these are great resources that will help you understand your responsibilities and how the organization functions as a whole.
Elections officer, Cheryl Hou (PNWJETAA, Toyama, 2005-2008) will be available to speak with anyone interested in running for JETAA USA Country Representative. If there are queries of what the position will entail, responsibilities involved, and what your role will be as a CR on the national level, please reach out by email to 

Candidates for the position of JETAA USA CR must submit an election platform in writing to the designated Elections Officer along with any and all other required documents/items. The platform should not exceed two pages and should be accompanied by three items:
  1. Headshot of Candidate
  2. Chapter Endorsement Form (Exhibit B)
  3. Financial Endorsement Form (Exhibit C).


  • Platform submission: February 14th through March 13th
  • Chapter Voting via online form: March 16th through March 22nd 
  • New CR Announcement: March 30th
  • New Country Representatives take office: April 1st
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