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Request for chapter messages to
CLAIR Staff that are returning to Japan
Soon we will have to say farewell to Kaori Ito, Tatsuya Matsumoto and Wataru Tozawa because it is time for them to return to Japan. I know you all have very fond memories working with them the past two years while they have been supporting JETAA.  I am creating a thank you book for each of them and I am hoping all chapters will want to participate and include a message.  This year I am asking all chapters to make their own single page.  The album I have purchased has sleeves so I can slide your chapter page into the book.  Submit pages to Monica at by Sunday March 18th.
Click here to see pages from past CLAIR Farewell Books
Design Requirements:
  • Each chapter gets 1 full page size 8.5” x 11” for EACH person leaving.  There are THREE separate books.
  • Include chapter Logo, message, any photos you want to include, etc.
  • Pages are due Sunday, March 18th. This is a very hard deadline because I need to print and get it to their office on Monday 3/19 before they leave the office to head back to Japan.
  • If you don't have a photo with them check the NatCon Facebook albums because I might have taken a photo of you OR just include photos of your chapter at your local events
Farewell to the wonderful CLAIR staff that has supported
JETAA USA for the past year
Kaori Ito
NatCon DC
NatCon LA
Tatsuya Matsumoto
NatCon DC
NatCon LA
Wataru Tozawa
Executive Director
NatCon DC
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