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Exciting developments

Coming soon to Pickering Lodge...

At the last committee meeting on 5th February, we were joined by Dave Rome from Trafford Council. He's the Greenspace Development Officer for the South of the borough. Dave presented some of the plans that Trafford Council have for regenerating the park over the coming months. Here are just a few to whet your appetite:

Play areas
Both the older and younger children play areas will receive updates. The ageing playing surface will be replaced with grass matting, providing many years of easy maintenance. New play equipment will replace the older units too. Visibility will be improved around the younger children play area by replacing some of the hedging with new hoop-top fencing.

Green Lane entrance and fencing
The current 'chicken wire' fencing will be replaced along Green Lane, and a new official entrance to the park will be built here.

The wear and tear to the grass in this area is a problem, but the goals are popular with local children. The committee decided to keep the goals, but to investigate 'socketed' goals which could be moved every few months to aid regrowth of the grass. This is being trialled at Woodheys Park.

Other plans
Looking at other funding sources, the Friends also discussed ideas such as a 'secret garden' and providing more benches. 

We'll keep you posted in future newsletters of the progress of these exciting plans.

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Tom King has been taking a look at the biodiversity of Pickering Lodge Park

A brief walkover of the site was conducted for a quick assessment of the current biodiversity value of the site and some potential enhancements that could be undertaken.

Pickering Lodge Park is a moderate area of green space in the local area. This is important locally because the grassed area is one of the largest. The park is also significant for the large amount of mature and semi mature trees that provide habitats for birds and insects. However, these are standard species used in urban parks and they have less biodiversity value then corresponding native species. A number of hedgerows are present within the site and these provide a habitat for breeding birds as well as small mammals. These hedgerows are single species, predominantly beech and privet and cut often. The few species and regular cutting limits the biodiversity value of the hedgerows. The high use of the park by people and dogs also limits the opportunities for breeding birds due to disturbance.

There is significant potential to enhance the Park’s biodiversity value. Additional native species within the hedgerows would increase the number of insects present and provide food for birds. Planting flowers, such as wildflowers and others beneficial for insects, will provide a nectar source as well as colour. Further planting of native trees, such as those that flower and have a denser canopy, could also provide a different type of habitat.

Photos from the park

Recent photos taken in Pickering Lodge Park
Path in the park
Path into the park from Moss Lane
The bowling green
Over 5s play area
Under 5s play area
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Next meeting

Thursday 5th March 7.30pm-9.30pm at Newhaven

You can attend one of our regular committee meetings as an observer. If you have something to offer the park, and the committee agrees, you can join the executive committee.

Newhaven, Tulip Drive, Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire WA15 6LP   map

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