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Newsletter 4 - Bumper Edition

Lots has happened in the park since the last newsletter, and there's lots still to come, so this is a jam-packed newsletter.

New play areas now open

Under 8s and Over 8s get new play equipment

The two play areas in Pickering Lodge have been given a new lease of life thanks to some new equipment and play surfaces. Visibility has also been improved with new hoop-top fences replacing some of the hedges.

Under 8s

The previous under 5s area has been designated an 'under 8s' play area. It has four new benches, all new grass matting surfaces, and the following new equipment (age suitability in brackets):
  • Butterwick Plus Multi Unit – (2 - 5 years)
  • Proludic Speed Gyro (roundabout) – (3+ years)
  • Russell play 4 seat timber see saw – (3+ years)
  • Playdale Cradle Swings – (18 months - 3 years)

Please note these are only recommendations - parents should use their own judgment and supervise their children.

Over 8s

The play area for older children now features a 360-degree stand-up see saw and an all-new version of the ever-popular basket swing. Work is also continuing to reduce anti-social behaviour in this area. Park users are reminded to call 101 to report any anti-social behaviour.

Other improvements

  • The shady glade has been opened up and has two new picnic benches. Perfect for a summer get-together!
  • New fencing along Green Walk is now in place with two new entrances into the park

Still to come...

  • The events sub-committee are meeting to discuss events in and around the park
  • We are setting up our own website to keep everyone informed on what's happening with the park
  • Footballers take note: there are plans to improve football facilities (to be announced)

Dates for your Diary

Next meeting

Wednesday 2nd September 7.30pm-9.30pm at Newhaven

You can attend one of our regular committee meetings as an observer. If you have something to offer the park, and the committee agrees, you can join the executive committee.
Newhaven, Tulip Drive, Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire WA15 6LP   map

Timperley Country Fair

Saturday 12th September 10am-3.30pm at Larkhill Centre, Timperley Village

The Friends of Pickering Lodge will be running a stall at this year's Timperley Country Fair. Come and visit us to play some fun games, find out more about the park and offer your support.

Timperley Tidiers Litter Pick

Sunday 4th October 2pm at the car park next to tennis courts

The Timperley Tidiers, with support from the Friends of Pickering Lodge and Sale Wombles, are having a litter pick starting in Pickering Lodge on Sunday 4th October at 2pm. Everyone is welcome to come and tidy the park and surrounding area. 


'The Park' by Tracey Smith

There is a park not far from here. It's a place called Pickering Lodge
I spent many happy days there, playing in the playground.
Mum and Dad pushing me on the roundabout, they helped me when I fell
On the swings I shall go, being pushed to and fro
Higher and higher as you go, up to the sky and down below.
I jumped on the climbing frame as happy as can be
Climbing up and up all the way
i sit at the top and wave 'hello' watching people as they go.
I ran to the slide and stood at the bottom, as I climbed up step by step
It looks so high to reach the sky with my little legs I climb on
I thanked God I made it up, it's easy going down, get ready here I come
Just close your eyes and slide all the way.
I am coming Mum I am coming I cried, hold out your arms I am coming for the ride
Hold on mummy my foot is stuck! Let me help you said someone behind me
Don't be afraid, I will not harm you, she took out my foot that was trapped in the side of the slide.
Thank you I shouted as I slid down the slide.

Photo request

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Get even more involved

You can attend one of our regular committee meetings as an observer. If you have something to offer the park, and the committee agrees, you can join the executive committee. Look out for meeting venues and dates on these newsletters and via Facebook and Twitter. 
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