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  • Political Update: Minimum Wage for Foreign Lorry Drivers 
  • CCT Update: Multi-temp Testing Tool
  • Internal Update

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We have uploaded the TI Multi-temp testing tool.

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Secretary General's editorial

Dear Readers,

Welcome to our first Frigoriscope of 2015! I hope you all had an enjoyable break with your families and friends and have returned revitalised for the year ahead. Following the adoption of the European Commission's Work Programme 2015 at the end of 2014, the EU is moving full speed ahead on key policy priorities, and so too must TI. The policy landscape is becoming increasingly crowded, with many different parties vying for their interests in Brussels and across Europe. I look forward to working extremely hard with all of you to ensure the interests of TI are heard and resonate with the new lawmakers of our time. 

With best personal regards,

Russell Patten
Secretary General

Political Update: Minimum Wage for Foreign Lorry Drivers 

The issue of “social dumping” in the transport sector is under the political spotlight in Europe. In January of this year, the German government made moves to apply a minimum wage on foreign lorry drivers transiting through country. A volte-face from the Bundestag quickly followed in response to a barrage of criticism from the European Community, with the suspension of the draft law until Germany received a confirmation from the EU Commission of its conformity with EU law.  

Several weeks later on 19 February, France announced similar plans to apply its own minimum wage on foreign lorry drivers. French First Secretary of State for Transport Alain Vidalies argued that this would address unfair competition in the road transport sector. If adopted, the law will apply he minimum wage under an amendment to the ‘Macron’ law, currently being adopted. If and when the amendment would come into force remains to be seen, as it is now undering scrutiny from the French Parliament. If passed, the so-called “salaire minimum interprofessionnel de croissance” (SMIC) will add to the fines recently introduced to sanction weekly rest periods taken inside lorry cabins.
There are key differences between the German and French proposals. Whilst Germany aims to enforce its minimum wage on transiting foreign lorry drivers, the French government only plans to target the transport of goods by foreign operators who load or unload in France. The French law would demand the appointment of a representative by the foreign undertakings, who would be in charge of liaising with the French enforcement authorities. Furthermore, a “posting certificate” will replace the prior notice of posting. The consignee will be the operation’s principle and will check for the payment of the minimum wage as well as all other details concerning the implementation of the posting.
These developments are of critical interest to TI members for many reasons. If adopted, the proposed laws would not only increase administrative burden by a considerable degree, but could also impact companies' competitiveness in different EU Member States. The TI secretariat is closely monitoring any relevant developments in order to keep Transfrigoroute members abreast of evolving protectionist tendencies in the internal market.

CCT Update: Multi-temp Testing Tool

Following years of debate and discussion, the ATP was expanded in September 2013 to include new regulations regarding the testing and approval of multi temperature / multi-compartment vehicles.
The length and depth of the internal discussions within TI reflected the complexity of drafting proposals to ensure that the equipment used in this growing segment of the temperature-controlled transport industry is correctly specified and dimensioned. In drawing up the
new regulations, the CCT was conscious not to increase any operating costs for transport operators.
It was important that the proposals agreed by the refrigeration and body builder members industry of the CCT would also be accepted by the ATP test stations, the national competent authorities and WP 11 of the UNECE Inland Transport Committee.

Owing to the perceived complexity of implementing the new regulations, the refrigeration members of the CCT agreed to develop a simple step-by-step calculation tool to help both the body building industry and the ATP test stations. The Multi-Temperature calculation tool was developed in conjunction with Dr. Leo Lukasse of the University of Wagingen in Holland. As well as being an esteemed centre of engineering, the university includes an ATP test station. Finance for this project was provided exclusively by Carrier Transicold, FRIGOBLOCK and Thermo King.

Once the beta version of the tool was received, it was circulated to a small number of ATP test stations to test. The CCT wishes to acknowledge the contributions of  CEMAFROID and TÜV Süd. As a result of this action, a small number of improvements were suggested. These have now been incorporated in the tool.

Access to the tool is now open to all industry members and national associations of TI, especially body builders, ATP test station and ATP competent authorities. The tool may be downloaded from the TI website (TI Library section). In order to download the tool it is necessary to submit the details of the company and user on the TI web site so that a registry of users is established and maintained.

It is hoped that as the tool is used that the comments from body builders and ATP test stations will be used to improve it in the next version. There is an open question on how any developments of the tool may be financed in the future. 

- Joe Grealy, Chair of the CCT Management Committee

Internal Update: January Meetings & Transfrigoroute UK Leadership

The TI CCT Management Committee, Frigoclub (FCI) Board and Executive Committee convened in Brussels for their first meetings of the year on 28 and 29 January. All Committees were informed of TI national associations' policy priorities for 2015, confirmed via a survey issued before the Christmas break.

High on members' agenda were national implementation of the F-Gas Regulations, which came into force in the EU on 1st January 2015, and the EU's ambitions to reduce CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. 
Legislative developments around social dumping in Germany were also discussed in depth by CCT and FCI members, and agreed by all Committees to be of critical importance to TI member's access to the internal market. The secretariat endorsed TI's support for the IRU's opposition to the German draft law via Twitter during the meetings. 

Additionally, the Executive Committee endorsed a common position in support of EMS in the revision of the Weights and Dimensions Directive. 

Russell Cowley has taken over the reins of leadership of Transfrigoroute UK from John Clark. Russell currently works for Clan International Transport Services as Commercial and Transport Director, and attended his first TI meetings in his new role on 29 January. 

Upcoming meetings

  • 24 February - TI Secretary Generals' Meeting, Brussels, Belgium
  • 25 March - CCT WG II Meeting, Brussels, Belgium
  • End March - Conference Call of the Executive Committee (date tbc) 
  • May Conference Call of the Executive Committee (date tbc) 
  • 10 June - CCT Management Committee in the afternoon, Hotel Gut Brandlhof, Hohlwegen 4, 5760 Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer, Austria
  • 11 June - FCI Board in the morning, Executive Committee in the Afternoon, Hotel Gut Brandlhof, Hohlwegen 4, 5760 Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer, Austria
  • 15-17 October 2015 - TI AGM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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