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March 2015 
Author Bethany Shaw

Happy March!

Spring is right around the corner, I hope, and the weather should be warming up. Rain or shine, there are plenty of books to read.
What’s New...
In the Arms of an Enemy will be releasing on March 18th.
Synopsis - Astrid loves her new life in Tuscany. She is free from the restrictive boundaries of pack life and able to make her own choices. When her alpha’s brother moves into the flat next to hers, it sets a series of events into place that will change her life forever. Should she flee or face her enemy?
Kendrick can’t believe it when he runs into Astrid in Tuscany. The fiery wolf has always held a special place in his heart. Can he prove to her that he’s different than his brother? Or will he lose her forever?


Special sneak peek...

Kendrick was famished. He wanted food and a beautiful woman to sate his wolfs insatiable libido. Why not get both at the same spot? He smirked as he pulled into the quaint little café's parking lot. Wasn't that the illusive Astrid's car? This little excursion could be interesting.
Astrid had successfully been avoiding him since the day she'd made him smitten with her. Kendrick had a thing for pretty and feisty women with character. Astrid definitely fit the bill. She was gorgeous and strong. The female wolf called to his in a way no other ever had. He needed her. But he had to be careful too. Killian had hurt her, beaten her, nearly broke her.
Anticipation rolled through him as he saw Astrid’s brunette locks swept up into a ponytail. He groaned at the familiar curve of her ass. He'd grown quiet fond of her perfectly plump bottom since she was always walking away from him.
Without even realizing it, he walked the short distance of the parking lot and had his hand on the metal door handle and was pulling it open. A loud jangle announced his arrival, causing the object of his affection to turn around. The smile lighting her face quickly turned into a scowl.
He grinned at her keeping his eyes locked with hers as he walked the short distance to one of the cream colored booths and sat down. He saw the determination in her eyes as she strode up to him paper and pencil in hand.
"You know it's already bad enough that you're stalking my every move, now you're here where I work too," Astrid growled, tapping her pencil on the pad of paper. "What can I get for you?"
Kendrick picked up the menu, pretending to be interested in it. He contemplated saying a smart aleck remark but thought better of it. He was after all trying to win her affections. "What's good here?"
Astrid pursed her lips and sighed before leaning in closer to him, her sweet vanilla scent invading his senses. He inhaled deeply. Her perfume was amazing. Need coursed through him and he suppressed a whimper as her arousal seeped into the air. She might not like you, but she is attracted to you.
"This is my job and these are nice people here, you better not be here to stir up trouble," she hissed before straightening. "The scones and tea are great," she said plastering on a smile as another slightly older brunette woman appeared from the back.
"I'll take some of those, and perhaps you could join me," Kendrick suggested raising his eyebrow.
"I'll put that order right in for you," Astrid said curtly, clearly ignoring his invitation. Turning on her heel, she strutted away from him. Her magnificent rump swayed tauntingly at him. Does she know what she’s doing? Astrid was probably unaware, but the wolf inside her knew exactly what it was doing. It wanted him just as badly.
"Who is that hottie?" the older brunette asked. "He looks really into you."
Kendrick suppressed a smile. The shop was empty and his supernatural hearing was good. He held his breath, watching the pair out of the corner of his eye, impatiently waiting for Astrid’s reply. The wolf seemed to pause; probably knowing he could hear and was awaiting her response.
"Ugh, just someone I use to know awhile ago. I am so not interested," Astrid replied with a heavy sigh.
"He is some serious eye candy," the woman continued.
"He might look good, but his attitude leaves something to be desired," Astrid replied grabbing a few scones and pouring some hot water into a mug; she placed the items on a tray and pulled out the box of tea bags.
“He seems nice from here,” the lady teased gawking at him.
"Humph. That's because you haven't met him," Astrid grumbled.
“I for one would be happy to take your table,” she offered.
Please don’t. Nothing against the woman, but he’d come here for Astrid.
"No," Astrid said quickly. "It's okay, I have it," she said as she hurried back out to the booth.
Astrid’s face reddened, and her cheeks turned a beautiful scarlet as her eyes met his. She averted her gaze and fussed with the items on her tray as she approached.
"So you think I'm good to look at?" Kendrick smiled his brown eyes beaming at her with amusement.
"It's really rude to eavesdrop," she commented with a roll of her eyes.
"It's really rude to talk about someone behind their back. I'm hurt," Kendrick said placing a hand to his chest. He smiled at her, but a part of him was hurt by her remarks. Why? She hadn’t really said anything. "I'm not that bad Astrid, I know my family left their mark on you, but me and you didn't really have scuffles."
"I vaguely remember a bat," Astrid said setting his stuff down in front of him.
Kendrick chuckled. Damn I forgot about that. Surely she has to know that wasn’t meant for her. I’d never hurt her. "Right, that's water under the bridge, nobody got hurt. I thought you were Killian," he said waving his hand dismissively.
Astrid slapped his check down on the table. Her eyes met his as her lip curled up with disdain. "Is there anything else I can get for you?" she asked sweetly despite her anger.
"Only you darling," Kendrick said locking eyes with her. Need tumbled through him and he shifted in his seat as his cock hardened.
"Well… " Astrid stuttered unsure of herself. She opened her mouth, but didn’t say anything. Her tongue darted out to wet her perfect lips. "I'm not available," she finally muttered. "You can pay at the register." Astrid blinked, looking at him one final time before spinning around and retreating to the back.

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