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Figures Toy Company brings you more play sets!

It's a flashback Friday thanks to today's #MMFTCNEWS! Figures Toy Company is expanding their DC Comics World's Greatest Heroes license by reproducing two of the most popular Mego sets of the 70's: Aquaman vs. The Great White Shark, and The Batcave!

A reproduction of its 70's counterpart, The Batcave is the perfect compliment to the vast array of Batman figures that have been released by Figures Toy Company. The flashing Battery Operated Batsignal, Batpole, Batcomputer, and Secret Entrance (to keep those pesky villains out) features are all present here in Batman's lair. Collectors can get ready to clear some shelf space, as The Batcave is a giant 3 foot playset that can be utilized with any of Figures Toy Company's 8 inch retro action figures!

The epic battle of man vs. sea takes retro action figure form once again, as Figures Toy Company is releasing their version of the famous Aquaman vs. The Great White Shark playset! Inspired by a certain famous movie shark, The Shark will have an open mouth look, ready snatch The King of the Seven Seas in its jaws! Aquaman is included here as well, in all his fully poseable, 8 inch retro figure form.

These sets will arrive later this year, so you have time to make some room for these awesome additions to the World's Greatest Heroes line! Check or use the hashtag #MMFTCNEWS on social media for release dates and updates on these sets and all of their retro action figure series! You can also go to their Facebook or Twitter and let them know what other World's Greatest Heroes playsets you'd like to see from them!


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What's new in Re-Mego!

Entertainment Earth announced an exclusive 18" Robin based on the classic Removable cowl version, I need a bigger house.

EMCE/DST Captain America landed this week in local comic shops across the country, don't have a shop local to you? Order him here.


Denys Fisher Leele may be my favourite figure of the series. Here is a pretty boxed example.

Find out what it's worth by accessing our growing databse of completed Mego and 70s toy auction. We call it the Going Rate 

The boxed CB McHaul Truck stop brought in some big bucks good buddies!

Astro Apes may be cheaply made knock offs of Mego Planet of the APes figures but their prices are no laughing matter.

This boxed Remco Wolfman ended at a hair raising price, must have been a full moon.

Aw Yeah Mego Meet 2015 Customs Auction

Each year museum members donate custom items for auction to benefit the museum and help cover operating costs.  We will once again partner with and broadcast live over the web from Skokie.  Visit the Mego Meet forums Friday for the kick-off featuring the first submissions.  

Aw Yeah Mego Meet 2015 is now a facebook even page, click here to join up!

The 3 3/4" archive (a terrific site) has shots of this AMAZING fan recreation of the unproduced Black Hole Cygnis bridge playset from the Black Hole. I want this so bad it's causing me internal damage!

A Salute to Mego 12" Batman

The 12" Mego World's Greatest Superheroes are often overlooked and that's a shame because they are well made toys with a lot of fun variations. The 12" Heroes began in Canada, when Parkdale Novelty CEO Morris Kotzer created the line by ordering the minimum. The first 12" Batman is largely the most familiar as he is rather common due to Parkdale having overstock up until the 80's.

The first 12" Batman has a unique head sculpt that was more realistic than his 8" WGSH counterpart. While his gloves were of similiar material, his cape was a shiny vinyl and belt was merely sewn on.

The rest of this series was rounded out by Spider-Man,Superman and Robin who was 9" tall. The figures utilized "Skinny Bodies" that were also used for celebrity figures like Captain And Tenneil.

The back of the box utilizes much of the same art seen on the original solid boxes.

The notable distinction being the crudely traced swipe of a Jim Aparo Batman from Detective comics 443 (thanks to Chris Franklin for that tip)

In 1978, Mego began to solicit the 12" line across the world, packaging for the 12" heroes can be found in UK, Italian and French packaging. There is even a second release of this figure that believed to sold to the American market.

This second release of the 12" Batman has a new image of the caped crusader and the smiling hero head bubbles are taken from the 1979 DC comics 8" hero card.

It's interesting to note that the Batman figure has a small emblem, this is a legitimate variation and only seems to happen with this box.  There is an Italian version of the packaging as well but it seems Mego corrected the sticker problem by that time. This version of Batman has a cloth cape as well.

The back of the box uses the popular Neal Adams Batman that is also seen on the Japanese Popy Batman box.

In 1979, Mego finally embraced the 12' line in America, Fly away action was introduced to combat Remco's line of Energized Superheroes.

Magnetic Batman received not only a new muscular body but a revised head sculpt, man was he PO'd looking. This was possibly the most comic accurate Batman figure Mego produced. Both Batman and Robin were given Magnetic hands and feet, a wonderful concept that had many Batman figures hanging from fridges.

What's interesting to note is the Magnetic concept only ran one year and didn't appear to successful, by the 1980 catalog Mego was marketing the figures without the magnetics and in new packaging.

These figures represented the end of the 12' line for Mego. The box is now a sharp purple and the flap now protudes the reverse of the other packaging. Fly Away Action is now written on the packaging.

The box has a stark feel to it, almost symbolizing what was going on at Mego at the time, a company who by the early 80's had lost a great deal of it's creative energy.

It's interesting to note that these Purple boxed Batman figures are incredibly rare with only four known specimens reported. One of which has a sewn on vinyl belt, so a variation abounds.

The back of the box recycles the wonderful neal Adams Art used for the Wayne Foundation Playset as a cheery dynamic Duo going flying off somewhere.

In 1982, Mego pulled the 12' Heroes, although their tenure in the US was brief, it did make for some memorable and interesting figures while it lasted.

For More Info, check out our 12" Mego Superhero Gallery.


Thanks to our partners at Entertainment Earth we have a new ReMego contest. This month it's a NECA GORILLA SOLDER FIGURE (Available Now!) 

One Mailing List member will be drawn at random in next week's issue. All you have to do is be a subscriber to win.


Oh and hey, if you do shop at EE please use this link, it helps us keep these contests coming.

Happening on the Forum:

Before this thread, I thought "Sofubi" was that blowfish that nearly killed Homer Simpson but they're making collectible vinyl figures (with Mego style packages) that gaining quite a following.

These cool European Fast Food premium figures are 8" tall and up for grabs in the Mego Museum Marketplace today.

The latest episode of Pod Stallions is all about Planet of the Apes, there is some Mego talk in this one with promises of more in future installments.

Massive Toy Find in the UK

It's like the dream we've all had. It's reported that a massive amount of vintage toys have been found in Wales in a closed toy shop that shut it's doors in 2009 after 70 years of service. Reports are running that there are 120 pallets of toys from the 60s, 70s and 80s. There's gotta be some Mego right?
Read all about it here.
New Facebook Group CustomMego

Check out the MegoMuseum's latest Facebook group CustoMego, where you can share, swap, sell and most of all exchange ideas and tips on home made heroes. 
Mego Prototype of the Week


All photos and information supplied by Ray Miller

Before it hits the shelves, a toy goes through many stages, collectors often are able to pick things up from early catalog pictures or packaging but more often than not, the information doesn't exist.Ray Miller has done an exhaustive search to provide us with a fascinating look at the progression of the Micronauts Hornetroid vehicle.

Read more here.



April 12th- GTA Comic Con

Burlington, ON 10 am to 5pm

April 24-26- Chiller Theatre
Parsippany, New Jersey

April 26th- Chicago Toy Show
Kane County Fairgrounds, St Charles, IL


Custom of the Week - 3/30/2015 - MST3K!

This week the spotlight falls on willykfg's Jessica Drew - aka Spider-Woman.  Mego would have made her with oven mitts; this looks better.  We can dream that someday the folks at Diamond Select/EMCE will release her in 3-pack glory.

Custom Flashback - December 2008

This week's custom flashback takes us all the way back to Belgium 2008.  Meule's Teenage Frankenstein is still tough to beat.




Interesting Shopping at the Mego Museum Shopping Mall, swing by today and browse, we have plenty of parking.



The same goes for this Gatchaman Ken Owashi figure that we all knew as kids as Mark from Battle of the Planets.

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