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Turkey Day Edition

The turkey is done but there is no need to wait in long lines for deals and EE is having it's annual black friday sale.

While you can use the main link above to see the whole thing here is the main highlights for the Mego Inclined right now:

Lost figures are a jaw dropping 80% off, that's less than four dollars per figure. I can't tell me how many customs I have made from these guys, oh wait, yes i can, six.

EE promises some mego centric sales during the holiday season, we'll be posting them on our forum, twitter and facebook pages.

39 Thanksgivings ago, we all went APE!..

A little blast from thepast when Mego had Apesgiving at the 1975 Macy's Day Parade, that's Neal Kublan as the soldier ape and both of their son's were the human captives.


AKA Why aren't time machines a thing yet?

Superheroes and GI Joe on sale? Not fair!

$8 off the Planet of the Apes village? IT'S A MADHOUSE.....of Value!

 I'd fill my trunk with Elastic Plastic Men if I didn't know they'd explode. Better stick with Kirk and Spocks.....

What's new in Re-Mego!

You Maniacs! You blew it up! 


NECA released shots of their upcoming Planet of the Apes Taylor this week and it's really making us antsy. We've waited 40 years for this guy, he's gonna look so good in my tree house.

Pre-Order Taylor at Entertainment Earth


Seeing as this is the time of year for Holiday shopping, we present some Mego specific excerpts from a 1974 Children's Palace Toy Circular. (courtesy of

The Super Vator makes a rare appearance on this page, see the whole thing here.


The winner of our Amy Farrah Fowler figure this week is Robert Gross, congrats Robert!

Thanks everyone for playing, many more contests coming your way thanks to our sponsors at Entertainment Earth!

And please visit our Sponsors at Entertainment Earth via this link, it helps encourage more fun giveaways!

New Contest! Next Week we will announce the winner of a Star Trek Raj. All you have to do is be a subscriber to win!

Interesting Auctions for the Mego Inclined:

Let's get biblical with this Wee Win toys Mego like set of David Vs Golaith from 1986.

Click here to view the goodness!
This Spider-Man Super Savers bank by Mego are rarely seen in their original packaging. Sure, it's just a bag with a sticker but that's one rare bag and sticker bub!

No matter how many times i see a MOC Titan, it still doesn't fail to take my breath away. This seller is accepting best offers.


Find out what it's worth by accessing our growing databse of completed Mego and 70s toy auction. We call it the Going Rate 

This solid boxed RC Batman brought in $499 recently on auction, KA-POW!

This Palitoy UK Carded Hulk smashed it's way into $300 this month, that card art is insane. 

A slew of Star Trek Aliens with slightly smooshed bubbles made from great deals this month, like this Andorian that went for $230! Congrats to the winners!

Happening on the Forum:

Mego Museum member "House of Dracula" has built a 1966 replica Batcave for his FTC figures that will make you weep. Seriously, can I come over and play?

Gentle GIant has announced they are doing large scale secret wars figures, which has some folks excited, others not so much. Weigh in on the topic here.

This NECA Batman figure that's being included in the Blu Ray set sets forth a tremendous wave of 1989 nostalgia, I almost want my job back at Pizza Delight!

Custom Spotlight of the Week: Black Dynamite

This week the spotlight falls on a cult classic favorite, Black Dynamite. Pick your favorite - flocked or smooth - Grimjohn knocked it out of the park with both.

This post is dedicated to all the little Chinese orphans in Vietnam.

Edited to add: Why is no company making these? Aggghhhh!


Interesting Shopping at the Mego Museum Shopping Mall, swing by today and browse, we have plenty of parking.


This cool 8: representation of Gunther from the cult classic "The Funhouse" sold out immediately when Distinctive Dummies offered it earlier in the year. One is still available at the Mall.

The Brick Mantooth Bachelour pad is the greatest 70s playset you never had as a kid. It's where the magic happens! Get yours today!

Meanwhile in Italy!

From Italy, we have the classic team up of Marvel meeting DC, not sure what's going on with Mr Fantastic, if those lines mean he's jittery or that he really smells but who cares it's a great ad.


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