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Mego Museum Newsletter #9


Who will be Diamond Select's Fifth Marvel hero set?

Recently on the Mego Museum forum, Diamond's Zach out popped in to mention that Iron Man has not been confirmed as the fifth DST Retro Figure set and that another character may actually follow Thor.

As the Wolverine set has proved, the candidate for one of these sets doesn't necessarily have to be a character that was included in the original World's Greatest Superhero assortment.

There is nothing Mego heads like better than needless conjecture of the what the next wave of anything should be. So here's our guesses:

The Falcon- He was in the original WGSH and he's hot right now thanks to a certain movie, you could do original Mego. his weird green costume and his movie outfit to round it out.

Doctor Doom- Probably a long shot thanks to FF being cancelled but a three pack of Dooms different looks (starting of course with classic Kirby) would be greatly welcomed in my house.

Vision- He's had some interesting design changes and is set to be in a major motion picture this summer.

Pop into the EMCE toys forum with your top three picks for the fifth Marvel superheroes 3 pack True Believers!


What's new in Re-Mego!

Ummm, the ...uh... This Guy! is coming soon!

When I asked that genie for a "Mark Hamil" mego figure, I should have been way, way, more specific.

The C*** Knocker is from the universe of Kevin Smith and was played (with energy) by Mark Hamil in the movie "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" it's a coproduction of Diamond Select Toys and the good people at EMCE

You can pre-order this sucker from Entertainment Earth or at your Local Comic Shop. Loudly ask for it by name!

You can pre order these two at Entertainment Earth.


FTC's Tarzan family wave is due out soon as well, all you need is a Planet of the Apes treehouse and some rubber gorillas and you've got yourself a dum-dum (look it up)

Pre-Order the Greystokes here.

8 inch superstore just got in a whack of neat stuff including Action Jackson heads, new brown Type s bodies, it's really worth a look!  get them now before they're all gone!


Batmobile: The Complete History looks like something Megoheads might enjoy. I'm hoping it features a section on Batmobile toys over the years or it's not so complete is it?

Vintage Mego Ad: From 1974,This ad from Spanish distributor Poch shows us AJ, Dinah Mite, the Super Heroes and the Monsters, a good group!

Added Bonus

Here are the Super-Cool AJ style window boxes that Poch did for the Western Heroes, I hold out hope they did similiar packaging for the Monsters and Superheroes but they've never surfaced....


Thanks to our generous friends at Entertainment Earth and Bif Bang Pow! We have another giveaway this week.

This week it's a minty carded Amy Farrah Fowler from the newly released wave of Big Bang Theory figures.  While I'm not up on this show, I can honestly say this is a terrific figure and great likeness.

Like all our contests, all you have to be is subscribed to win, so it's open to any member of our list, the odds are terrific!

And please visit our Sponsors at Entertainment Earth via this link, it helps encourage more fun giveaways!
Interesting Auctions for the Mego Inclined:

It's Adorable time! This Ben Cooper Jiggler of everybody's favourite blue eyed thing is now available. This weird series included Dr Strange, Red Skull and Spider-Man.

Click here to view the goodness!
A beautiful boxed Mighty Mightor from France is available right now, which I totally can't.

You can bid if you want, I can't look.

This boxed Joker Mobile already has a WHOPPING 120 BIDS on it but i post it here not as a bargain but more of a "get your lawn chair and watch the fireworks" kind of thing.
See the action as this thing ends this weekend.

This super rare MIB Vulcan Shuttle and Sled makes my heart go pitter/patter.

Find out what it's worth by accessing our growing databse of completed Mego and 70s toy auction. We call it the Going Rate 

This beautiful General Urko went for a whopping 800 smackers last week. Ape-Mania is alive and well!

OOF! This misidentified later edition Kresge Card batman flew under the radar and ended for $765 dollars two weeks ago. We post this now in the knowledge that it's already safely in it's new owners hands.
What a steal!

This Italian carded Old B.O.B went for under $700 last month, nice get!

Happening on the Forum:

A lot of buzz about the "early bird" Jim Gordon figure that FTC offered (and already shipped) last week. Folks who got him in seem to dig him, Read All About it Here.

This photo of a Love Boat cast reunion has us talking (we are children of the 1970s after all) and wondering if Gavin MscCleod is a vampire or has a painting that keeps getting older. Join the very important discussion here.

Custom Spotlight of the Week: Black Spider-Man

This week the spotlight falls on Killer Iguana's version of black Spider-Man. Sometimes the simplest customs are the hardest to pull-off, and black Spidey falls in that category. KI's version is very believable as an 80s Mego offering.


Interesting Shopping at the Mego Museum Shopping Mall, swing by today and browse, we have plenty of parking.


In Japan, Star Wars figures and Japanese Superheroes had a baby that resulted in these Popy World Hero figures from 1980.

The very well made ZICA Buck Rogers action figures are a steal at $50 for the pair. Canadians take note that the seller is in Canada.

Doctor Who turns 51!

The venerable timelord turns 51 this Sunday and it's a prime opportunity to bring up one of the best Mego lines of the 1970s, the Denys Fisher Doctor Who line based on the fourth Doctor Tom Baker!

For more info on this classic series, visit the Mego Museum's Doctor Who gallery.

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