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It is a pleasure to welcome you to the QMRS newsletter for quarter 3, 2020. It has been a very different quarter to the usual for this time of year with no mines rescue competitions locally, interstate or internationally to report on.

Firstly, I would like to welcome Trent MacDonald to the QMRS team as Business Manager. Trent brings a fresh set of eyes to our business and a level of experience in the application of technology that will be of great benefit to QMRS in the coming years. Other changes in staff responsibilities have seen Ray return to a dedicated focus on MEMS development, Mark once again take control of underground training and Mike Walker take on the leadership of the surface training group. These changes position QMRS well for the coming year.

Training activities have been busy, with 3 underground recruit courses and an MIU recruit course, underground and Inertisation team member training, 4 UG and 3 Surface MEMS courses and surface training for our client mines. Adding to this, the commencement of UG First Responder training and UG Control Room Operator training has seen the addition of further critical safety skills offerings to the areas of influence of QMRS.

I trust the following articles will be informative as to what we have been engaged in over this period and I wish you well in your mining and emergency preparedness activities.

David Carey
Team Member Representative - Shaun Dando
During this past quarter the QMRS Board of Directors had one scheduled Board meeting which took place at the Boonal facility near Blackwater in August, as well as a Zoom meeting with the QMRS auditor in September to finalise the 2019-2020 Financial accounts. 

Shane Hansen has been appointed to replace Glen Britton as a QMRS Board member due to Glen’s impending retirement. Sonya Winter was also appointed as an alternate Director. On behalf of all Team members I firstly thank Glen for his contribution to QMRS, although his time on the Board was short, his involvement over a number of years in the industry, and in particular with supporting the Rescue winder and input into how we could improve in the future is appreciated. Welcome to Shane and Sonya who arrive at a time of significant change in the organisation, I look forward to your input and ideas so that we can continue to be of value to the mining industry over the coming years.

The team members position on the QMRS Board of Directors is also due for election in the next month or so. This is a three-year term with all team members having the opportunity to be nominated and to vote. This will be held electronically, so I encourage all team members to keep an eye on their emails and to vote during the specified timeframe. 

Several of us had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and welcome some of the new team members during their block releases at Blackwater and Dysart during this period. As always, it is rewarding to see new team members gaining additional knowledge, skills and confidence which may be used to assist themselves and their workmates in an emergency. Our mines and coal mine workers can only be safer with more Mines Rescue trained personnel in the work place.
Underground round training has been continuing, and I have enjoyed the opportunity to refresh and learn new skills as well as share some knowledge with other team members. 

I congratulate the trainers on their enthusiasm and passion. I have had plenty of good feedback regarding the recent gas fire training at Dysart. Keep up the good work.

The MIU training I attended recently involved running of the GAG 2 engine and associated equipment. It was a good opportunity to familiarise on some of the equipment we had not used for a while. I managed to figure out that the engine doesn’t run without fuel, while familiarising myself with the 3-way valve on the fuel skid!

The updated MIU Virtual Reality training system being developed in conjunction with Gen 4, is progressing steadily. We are scheduled to do some initial function testing in late September, as the next stage of the process begins. Trent MacDonald who has recently joined QMRS as Business Manager is a huge asset that is assisting us in bringing the current program up to speed and into a functional and worthwhile training tool.

Shaun Dando
QMRS BOD Team Members Representative
Mobile - 0427 529 894
Email –
Capital Projects - Ian Brown

We can now share with you all some very exciting progress with the design images of the new buildings for construction at Boonal.
Many man hours has gone into this project to date and it is very pleasing to see it all coming together.
The winder assembly is progressing, however, as expected we have experienced delays in delivery of components sourced from Europe due to COVID.
Training on the new pad is progressing and trainers can now control the hose pressure with the touch screen pad which also has remote monitoring abilities. 
Risk Manager - Steve Dawe

Welcome to the September version of our QMRS Newsletter.

Workplace Health and Safety
Good day to you all I hope this edition of the newsletter finds everyone well and healthy and managing through the COVID world.

COVID 19 restrictions are still in place and are being actively managed for you to make attendance at our QMRS facilities as safe as possible.  The team here are there to assist you with understanding and following the processes in place.  Remember it is a requirement for you to log your temperature on arrival at any of our stations and complete the questionnaire.  Room sizes have restricted access which is clearly sign posted at entry points. At times there may be bottle necks in the crib rooms so where possible cribs are to be staggered and you must also be aware and follow the requirements for entry limits in these areas.

Over the last quarter we have been focussing on our fit for duty requirements for you as team members and our staff.  Alcohol and other drug random testing has occurred at all our facilities and will continue to occur into the future so make sure you come fit and ready for training.
At the time of reading if you have been at the station, you will have seen the posters and campaign around the place to encourage the conversation for RUOK day and what it stands for.  At this time it is really easy to get bogged down and focus on the negative things going on in life.  RUOK day is a great cause that encourages us all to have that conversation with one of our mates, friends, or colleagues just to check in on their health & well-being.  The organisation provides a great set of resources to assist you in how to have that conversation as well.  Why not ask the staff how they are going on your next visit.

I look forward to seeing you all around the station in the coming months.

Take Care
Steve Dawe (Dawesy)
Underground Training Operations Manager - Mark Freeman

What was old, is new again.  I am in the process of moving from the Surface Training portfolio back to the Underground Training portfolio.  This is a lengthy process due to existing bookings however, handing the reins to Mike Walker makes me very comfortable in the knowledge that he will continue the good work that we have developed over the last few years.  Thanks to all of our clients, past and present for your support.

So much of our organisation is about people and while leaving a fantastic group of people in the surface training team, I am very excited to be working with the underground trainers again.  Ray and I are working through a handover as well as beginning the development of next years training calendar.

One of the most pleasurable parts of my role is acknowledging the achievements of milestones in membership.  We have a huge group of people that have been in QMRS and taken part in not only ongoing training but successful competition and live mines rescue activities.  Please accept my thanks for your service to QMRS and to the safety of the mining community.  We have had a number of our underground team members reach some significant milestones during the past quarter.  These being:

10 Years                          15 Years                         20 Years
Les Fitzsimmons              Richard Cooper              Richard Halpin
Jason Francis                   Dallas Dorney                Warren Macklin
Lance Jackman                Joe Martorana                Barry Stanieg
Damien James
Ben Kemp
Luke Ludlow
Grant McFarlane
Ross Smith 

Recruit Training
This year has been a busy one with almost back to back recruit courses.  The final course for 2020 has just been completed at Dysart with another eight team members heading back to their respective operations.
Underground Recruit Course after fighting a fire with
Hi Expansion foam during the September course.
Day Release Training
Round 5 has just been completed at Blackwater with consistent attendance numbers throughout most of the round.  Dysart training began on Saturday, 26th September.

First Responder Training
As part of the “Fight or Flight Sub Committee 2 Position Paper: First Response (2006)” it was noted that “The initial actions taken by personnel on hand, with the equipment available to them, to control or contain an unwanted event.  The unwanted event is or has the potential to cause a condition of danger.” QMRS have developed a First Response course to give underground personnel the ability to safely deal with an incident before it becomes out of hand, as well as an understanding of their limitations.  A pilot course was run with mine workers from several sites to confirm the course content and session plans. The course was very well received and with minor alterations, the course was ready to procced.  From the 3-day course, attendees will receive the following nationally recognised competencies:

•    PUAFIR210 Prevent Injury
•    PUAFIR207 Operate breathing apparatus open circuit
•    Unit 3 Operate self-contained self-rescuer
•    RIIERR302E Respond to local emergencies and incidents
•    RIIERR204E Provide aided rescue to endangered personnel

QMRS has run two courses for Grasstree Mine looking at the potential for First Response, however also considering the specific potential hazards that have been recognised at site of confined space rescue within the inseam bin.  Following consultation with site, QMRS has developed a suite of training to suit their needs based around the first response course, confined space rescue and vertical rescue.
The two teams of six personnel from Grasstree took on the challenge enthusiastically and will take back learnings that will, in the event of an emergency, give a prompt and specialised response.
One of the Grasstree First Response Teams conducting firefighting and confined space rescue training at the Dysart and Boonal training centres.

If you would like to know any further information on First Response training, please give Mark Freeman a call on 0419 791 601 or
Mine Inertisation Unit Operations Manager - Clive Hanrahan

Our ten day MIU Block Release has gone ahead as planned and is currently underway with eight trainees participating and is due to wind up Friday 2nd October.  

Our foam plants are now all back in Dysart having been refurbished and are now ready for the next deployment.  Our underground pod off to Grasstree Mine for a three month trial on their longwall to assess the impact of foam placement on ventilation flows.

The Research and Development team have mounted the GE on a skid and is ready for a three day run to fully test it capability over a long duration, as it would perform in a deployment scenario.

The afterburner is running well now with good control over flame pattern achieved.

We are still progressing well with our new MIU VR training program and a thanks must go to Shaun, Joe and the VR Team.
The borehole camera is set up and ready for a shaft inspection on site at Moranbah North.

Operations Manager - Ray Smith

Underground Coal Mine Control Room Operator Training:  Monitor Control Process RIIMCU311D

QMRS is now offering a Statement of Achievement, RIIMCU311D Monitor Control Process. 

Anglo American's Grasstree Mine have assisted in the development of the training package with seven participants receiving the SOA this month.
A thorough review has been undertaken of our QMRS Operational Guidelines.  Ask your mine site co-ordinator for an updated version or check in next time at the station with one of the QMRS staff.
Aquila and Moranbah North Mine attendees at the recent courses facilitated in Middlemount and Moranbah received a SOA in RIIERR501D Implement Underground Coal Emergency Preparedness & Response Systems.

If your mine has employees aspiring to gain statutory qualifications for either Deputy or Undermanager roles, this SOA will also assist in completing the following:
  • RII40411 - Cert IV in Underground Coal Operations or
  • RII50915 - Diploma of Underground Coal Mining Management
Early September had QMRS back in Mackay with fourteen participants from various mines, (Ensham, Aquila, Grasstree and Moranbah North Mines and SIMTARS).

For any course enquiries, please contact us through our general enquiry email address of or call the station on +617 4958 2244.
Participants from Aquila and Moranbah North Mines.

Incident Command and Control System (ICCS) refresher and two day courses completed at Glencore's Clermont Mine.
Development of MEMS Surface Coal Mines IMT questions.
Developing RII41319 Certificate IV in Emergency Response Operations.
QMRS Team working with our RTO, Performance Training, developing the future course.

Operations Manager Equipment - Brent Stewart

UG WiFi Communications
The communication system that QMRS and NSWMR are looking to implement has reached another milestone with the creation of a test box to reduce the radio frequency emission during testing prior to deployment. This needs to be done to satisfy the telecommunication company who own the frequency licence we will be operating within. Over the coming months we will get some units into the country for trials to be conducted and then move onto the certification for Queensland and licence approvals.
Gas Detection
Our current personal gas detectors are now no longer being produced by Drager. The XAM7000 will be phased out over the coming years to be replaced by the XAM8000. The new gas detector has been certified for use in Queensland and the sensor configuration and ranges are now in line with what we currently use.

The XAM8000 will be introduced after the training and maintenance material has been written for all QMRS documentation.
Since the demand head adaptor has been implemented, we have had no further issue with damaged demand head thread.  The adaptor is light weight and has not caused any noticeable change in the usage or wearing of it and gives us greater confidence in using the unit knowing that there is less likelihood of damage in transit or during use.
Operations Manager Surface Training - Mike Walker

The middle of 2020 has continued with its intensity and challenges.  The QMRS training team have continued their high standard of training at all sites and stations.  The COVID 19 Management Plan has been well established and all members being trained are utilising this procedure.  Our biggest change for the Open Cut members is the cleaning and stowage of CABA, social distancing in the classroom and cleaning of the VR equipment.

QMRS are notifying people attending training in line with general heath precautions that if they have been overseas or potentially exposed to COVID 19, then they are invited not to attend training at QMRS Stations. 

The surface rescue challenges have been moved to dates not yet confirmed in 2021.  The Southern region is still likely to be hosted by Meandu Mine at Kingaroy, with the Northern region held at the new Blackwater Mines Rescue Station at Boonal, (dates to be finalised by end of January 2021).

Due to the commitment, professionalism and efforts put in by QMRS, we have managed to expand the Open Cut business model to more sites and further negotiations with others.  We currently provide our surface services to these mines:

•    Dawson
•    Newlands
•    Meandu
•    Acland 
•    Middlemount 
•    Kestrel Surface
•    Oaky Surface Operations
•    Yarrabee
•    Grasstree (Vertical Rope and Confined Space Rescue)
•    Sojitz (Meteor Downs, Minerva)

With this growth, an additional surface rescue trainer will join our team before Christmas. These are very exciting times for us and the industry. 

Both Middlemount and Acland mines have just finished their Certificate III in Emergency Response and Rescue - a big commitment from both mines - especially Acland with the uncertainty of their operation moving forward.

We have also developed and delivered our own first aid competencies over the past few months. The feedback we have had has been very positive and this will be an ongoing skill delivered to all mine sites moving forward.  A big thankyou to Richard Firth, our Senior trainer for developing this course and Brian Debnam from Ensham for your help with the practical exercises.  We have also been developing some Virtual Reality exercises for all rescue members.  Our team were exposed to some of the new technology on the market.

Virtual reality with full immersive headset and recoil hose setup

Recruit Course and Skills Maintenance Training 
If you would like information on options and date availability for training or courses, please contact Mike Walker on 0400 190 112 or via email at 
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