Edition 10, December 2015
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Welcome to the final QMRS newsletter for 2015. As the year winds down it has been my pleasure to mark my 1st year as CEO of QMRS. When any activity moves forward quickly it means it is an enjoyable experience. From a personal perspective the 2015 QMRS year has flown by.
Whilst the impact of the industry downturn continues to decrease the number of total employees in both the underground and open cut coal sectors it is a testament to the value accorded to a mines rescue trained person that the current number of certified underground team members is now at the highest level it has ever been.

2016 promising to be another year of adapting to change, responding with new services and innovation in the delivery of all our services so as to continue to provide value to the industry that we serve.
Please enjoy the following articles which provide details of the activities QMRS has been engaged in and I would take this opportunity to wish all a merry Xmas and enjoyable New Year.

David Carey
Chief Executive Officer

Team Member Representative - Shaun Dando

Congratulations to the Oaky No 1 team for their second placing at the Australian
Inter district Mines Rescue competition held in Newcastle in October.  A good effort also from the Broadmeadow, Moranbah North and Kestrel teams at a competition which was from all accounts, challenging but rewarding.

The QMRS Annual General Meeting was held on November 11th.  The Annual Report for the year ended 30th June 2015 was presented and discussed.  The fourth and final Board of Directors meeting for the year was also held on this date where we reviewed the financial accounts and expenditure for the year to date, operational status and discussed a number of strategic agenda items.  

A number of the "Jet" crew were involved with the inerting of the final roadways at Crinum North Mine in early December.  This was an excellent opportunity to run our No 1 GAG engine and equipment whilst providing a benefit to a member organisation.  I am sure the knowledge gained from this operation will assist us and the industry in the future.  
Queensland Mines Rescue and its dedicated team members and employees are an integral part of our mining industry and its emergency response capability.  QMRS team members recognised during the year for significant service to Mines Rescue were as follows:
10 Years 15 Years 20 Years 30 Years 35 Years
Adrian Murphy Richard Mayne Geoff Nugent Clive Hanrahan Des Smith
Chris Watson Warren Macklin James Vardanega   Clive Russell
Dallas Dorney       Cole Klease
Daniel Kipping        
Ian Smith        
Joe Martorana        
John Petty        
John Woodman        
As it is not long now before the big man in the red suit is upon us, I would like to wish everyone and their families a safe, happy and enjoyable Christmas period as well as a healthy and prosperous 2016.

Yours in Rescue

Shaun Dando

WHS - Steve Dawe

Welcome to the December version of our QMRS Newsletter.  Well, it has been an exciting 2015 from my point of view joining the QMRS team and we have made some excellent progress with the Workplace Health & Safety at the 3 QMRS facilities so far.

We've been busy towards the back end of the year assisting industry with all the Level 2 emergency exercises.  We've also recently concluded the last of the New Recruit courses for 2015.  The recruits were put through their paces and had a few challenging days with the environmental conditions this time of the year but all pulled together and will be taking their new skills back to their respective mines and now have the confidence to use these skills when needed.

Congratulations must go to all the recruits from 2015 for one, putting their hand up to volunteer their time and service and secondly, making a conscious effort to place themselves in a position to render assistance to their fellow coal mine workers in their time of need.

As we enter 2016, I'd like to thank you all in advance for complying with our Safety Management System whist at your respective QMRS site.  Remember if you are ever unsure of anything, please feel free to ask any of the staff here for clarification.

For all those travelling during the festive period, please remember to enjoy yourself responsibly. 

All the best and see you in the New Year.

Training - Mark Freeman

Underground Training
Well here we are at the end of another year of training, all day release training for underground operations has been completed at the stations.  I would like to complement the operations on their level of commitment considering the percentage of oxygen compliance by all sites.  The other positive trend is the reversal of team members turning up to training without completed medicals.  The last two rounds have not seen any team members being sent back to site because of the lack of completed medicals.

We are moving to the Turning Point assessment process for underground day release training in the first round of training in 2016.  This will allow for improvements in delivery and streamlining the transfer of training information into the learning management system.

Opencut Emergency Response Training
We have the opencut recruit course completed and ready to deliver.  The courses will be held on a needs basis and can be held at either of the stations or a site depending on the needs of the sites. Please direct all enquiries to Mark Freeman on 0419 791 601 or Kirsty Evans on 07 4982 5369 for dates and course information.  

Mine Emergency Management System Training

This year has seen a full calendar for MEMS courses with 4 public and 2 in-house courses being conducted with a total of 90 people receiving training in the process.  The MEMS course dates for 2016 are as follows:
  • 4th - 8th April
  • 23rd - 27th May
  • 18th - 22nd July
  • 12th - 16th September
  • 14th - 18th November
Please direct all enquiries to Kirsty Evans on 07 4982 5369.

GAG - Clive Hanrahan

November and December have been busy for us at the GAG.  On top of normal mine site docking station audits, we held our annual GAG workshop at the Windmill Function Centre in Mackay.  Two days of Risk Assessments, reviewing of Commissioning Sheets and Task Cards (which are the new Duty Cards) for the new GE engine were completed with the input from our operators.  It was a fast paced workshop with a lot of compliance covered.  

Upon completion of the workshop, Eveready Technologies delivered the engine to the GAG shed in Dysart for further works.  We are in the process of ironing out some issues with the starter motors but should be fully operational in the New Year.
New GE Engine
On behalf of QMRS, I would personally like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and best wishes for 2016.

Education Manager/RTO - Paul McCarthy

Achievements in 2015
There were several notable achievements in QMRS education during 2015.  QMRS underground and opencut mines rescue team recruit training programs were reviewed and updated during the year, a new course was added to the curriculum and an external Registered Training Organisation was contracted to monitor and provide quality assurance to our courses.

Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
Simtars RTO is working closely with QMRS staff to ensure that the organisation and delivery of QMRS training programs comply with Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) standards.  QMRS courses will be added to the RTO scope so that Statements of Attainment can be issued for appropriate training programs.

Regular audits of our training records, training facility and training methods will be conducted to ensure that ASQA standards are met.  This is an important part of the continuous improvement initiative required to enable QMRS to deliver its courses efficiently and effectively. 

First Response Course
A comprehensive First Response training program was developed in 2015.  The First Response training program completed the QMRS course curriculum range in AQF Level III Underground Coal Mines Response and Rescue Capability.

Course content was developed with the participation of our industry clients and the QMRS training staff.  The training program is organised into two core modules and three stand-alone modules that include firefighting, casualty extrication and CABA training which can be selected by individual mines according to their preference.

Underground Coal Mines Rescue Team Recruit Course
The Underground Coal Mines Rescue Recruit training program is now nationally accredited and registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).  This will allow our RTO to issue a Statement of Attainment for the competency units within the course to our team members.  

Day Release courses have been developed by our training staff to ensure that our rescue team members are current in the latest rescue equipment and methods.

Inertisation Team Course
The pilot Inertisation Team training program has been written.  Course content was reviewed by the QMRS Operations Manager and the inertisation team members at a GAG Seminar.  The objective of the course is to train inertisation team recruits in the jet inertisation method and the QMRS GAG unit operation.

Emergency Response Team (ERT) Course
The ERT course was updated from the trial version delivered in Blackwater in June 2014 to incorporate course feedback from students and trainers.  The four module core courses includes the general emergency response and rescue process at an opencut coal mine with breathing apparatus (CABA) and firefighting training, including firefighting appliance operations.  

Four elective modules have been added including hazardous materials response and rescue techniques, vertical (rope) rescue, confined space rescue and mine vehicle crash rescue training. Mine sites may choose one or more of these courses for their ERT members.
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all QMRS staff and team members.   I hope that you enjoy your time with your families and loved ones over the holidays.

Operations Manager - Ray Smith

With yet another Australian Mines Rescue Competition completed,  we are happy to announce the below placings.

1st  - North Wambo                                   
5th - Angus Place  
2nd - Oaky No 1                                        
6th - Moranbah North
3rd - Appin Colliery                                    7th - Kestrel
4th - Broadmeadow Mine                          8th - Newcastle

All of these teams competed well and tackled gruelling exercises underground as well as on the surface.  The theory paper assessment was completed on the Wednesday night which saw the Captain of Newcastle score an impressive result of 100%.

Teams were sent underground to carry out tasks which involved ventilation work and gas sampling analysis.  Once teams were carrying out these tasks, a further team in another area became overdue and teams were then requested to conduct a search. Surface exercises included basic fire drills, connecting a victaulic pipe range and then applying low expansion foam to a fluid boot end roller fire.  Teams also dealt with an 8 person multi casualty and a two person CABA rescue.

Well done to all Queensland teams who made the journey south to compete.

Competition dates for 2016 are as follows:
  • QMRS Memorial Cup being held at Newlands Mine on Thursday, 28th April
  • EK Healy Cup being held at Moranbah North on Thursday, 28th July
  • Australian Mines Rescue Competition held at Kestrel on Thursday, 20th October
Taking out second place - Oaky No 1 team
(Back Row L-R)  Nitun Gounder,  Steve Reed, Davin Roberts, Kahn Tait,
Captain Mark Shepherdson, QMRS Board Chairman Mick Maddern

(Front Row L-R)  Oaky No 1 SSE Shane Wright, Troy Paull, Curtis Barton
The Level 1 exercise was held at North Goonyella this year and the final report should be released some time in early January 2016.  QMRS was called through the ALERTS notification system at 11.00 pm and arrived on site at 1.00 am to be greeted by the SSE to be informed that there had been an outburst in the development panel.

At approximately 2.00 am, QMRS sent out a trial ALERTS call to team member in MAG 1, (Mutual Assistance Group 1).  It was pleasing to see that availability would have been around 31 team members within the hour.  The team members at the substation had all the gear ready and waiting for deployment for the soon to be active teams.  The exercise concluded at 3.30 am with excellent response by rescue trained persons in the development panel which saw these individuals take charge of the situation they were dealt and also had some good learning opportunities elsewhere.
Figure 1:  Development after Outburst
At this time of the year, staff are busy with Level 2 exercises being conducted at various mine sites and provide good learning opportunities for all involved.  Oaky North, Grosvenor, Moranbah North, Carborough Downs, Broadmeadow and Grasstree Mines have all completed Level 2 exercises.

QMRS is currently involved with SIMTARS, DNRM and other stakeholders in the review of Task Group 4 recommendations from Moura No 2.  The review is doing well with an information session to be held at the Dysart Rescue Station in February 2016.
QMRS recently competed and placed third in the local triathlon held in Dysart, Ray Smith, Cameron Matthews and Steve Dawe.
As another year draws closer to finishing, to all, have a super Christmas break and an even jollier New Year.  Look forward to catching up with everyone in 2016.
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