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Welcome to the QMRS newsletter for 3rd quarter 2015. The last three months has been a busy time of training (underground recruits, MEMS and 1st Response), the EK Healy Cup competition, preparation for the national competition, hosting a stand at the Townsville safety conference, participation in a major simulated emergency event with Glencore at one of their open cut operations and further development of our training resources.

I was privileged to attend the International Mines Rescue Board conference in Germany in early September and greatly reassured to see how well our practices and technologies compare with our peers from around the mines rescue world.

Please enjoy the following articles which provide details of the activities QMRS has been engaged in over the last 3 months and I look forward to catching up either at one of our stations or on a mine site.

David Carey
Chief Executive Officer

Team Member Representative - Shaun Dando

On behalf of all QMRS team members, a warm welcome to those who have joined QMRS in recent months.

As team members we make a commitment to our workmates, employers and QMRS that we will be ready to respond to an emergency situation should the need arise.  It is vital that we attend our scheduled trainings, share our knowledge and continually refresh and improve our skills with the aim of being "better than before" to ensure we are competent and confident to respond when required.

During this past quarter, July through to September 2015 I have represented team members at the following: 
  • August - EK Health Cup at Oaky No 1 as Assessor on the underground exercise;
  • August - Board of Directors Quarterly Meeting at Dysart.
Congratulations to all team members, and personnel who participated in or contributed to the running of the 45th EK Healy Cup competition, held at Oaky No.1 Mine.  Once again, I am sure all team members involved will have increased their skills, knowledge and confidence by preparing for, and competing in this event.  I strongly encourage any members to take the opportunity in the future to be involved with the competitions as a means of improving your ability and your confidence. 

All the best to the following teams:  Broadmeadows, Oaky No.1, Moranbah North and Kestrel who will head to NSW to compete in the Australian Inter Districts Competition in October. Represent your fellow Queensland Mines Rescue members with pride, passion and commitment.  Take the opportunity to forge new friendships, encourage and applaud the effort of all involved as you share the common bond of mines rescue, with teams from New South Wales and Tasmania.

Our third Board of Directors meeting for 2015 was held in mid August.  This meeting involved reviewing the progress of budgeted operational and capital expenditure. The Financial Report for the Year ended 30th June 2015 was reviewed and approved.

Last but not least I wish to acknowledge the contribution of team members Cole Klease, Clive Russell and Des Smith to QMRS.  They were awarded their 35 year badges at the EK Healy Cup presentation dinner in August.  It was with immense pride, gratitude and appreciation that the Tieri Civic Centre audience stood as one and thanked them for their years of service.  I have been fortunate, to have worked, trained or responded alongside each of these individuals over the years.  They all have their own stories to tell, with their passion for safety and Mines Rescue unfortunately driven from the loss of friends and workmates over their careers.  They have all responded in times of need, and carry the scars of experience within.  They have influenced countless coal mine workers in their own individual ways during their time in the industry. Thirty Five years as team members is a significant achievement. Well done Cole, Clive and Des and Thanks.
35 Years of Service recipients Clive Russell, Des Smith and Cole Klease.
Yours in Rescue
Shaun Dando

WHS - Steve Dawe

Welcome to the September edition of our QMRS newsletter.  I'd like to take you for a quick tour around the grounds here at Dysart.

We have recently been carrying out a lot of work around the station involving the training facilities and have undertaken the challenge of setting up the shipping containers with a mini longwall set up.  One of the major tasks involved moving the chocks and pans from one end of the grounds to the other.  Congratulations go to all involved completing this in a safe and timely manner.
We've also introduced the QMRS Noticeboard here in an attempt to increase the opportunities for communicating to and with the team members and staff.  The board pictured here has information relating to current and future rounds of training, safety information such as incident communications and procedures, calendars, competitions (results and assessor reports) and "What's New" currently showcasing the International Mines Rescue Information.  

Next time you're at the station, "take 5 for safety" and have a look through the information.

All the best and see you round the station.

Training - Mark Freeman

As we complete Round 5 of training, planning is underway for the coordinators meeting and scheduling of 2016 training for underground team members.  This meeting is scheduled for October.

Other news is the introduction of a Surface Emergency Response Team pilot course to be run at the Blackwater Station in November 2015.  This will give surface ERT members statements of attainment in Pump Operation, Firefighting and Breathing Apparatus Operations as well as other competencies required to allow ERT recruits to become an active team member.  For more information, please contact Mark Freeman on
0419 791 601.

Regarding training delivery, we are in the process of trialling paperless course and training administration, this being facilitated by Ramsay Wells using the materials that Kirsty Evans has inputted into the LMS.  Pertrain is assisting to ensure their systems are user friendly for both our clients and training staff.

The MEMS courses are being well utilised by operations, as well as doing an in house course for Carborough Downs.  There is one course left for this calendar year in November which is filling fast.  For any enquiries please contact Kirsty Evans.

GAG - Clive Hanrahan

The GAG team has been asked to inert Crinum North as part of it's final seal up when they complete their mining operations.  We have an area of approximately 130k cubic meters to fill with less than 8% O2.  We should be able to fill it in around five to ten hours if all goes well.
Training which was due in November will be moved to Crinum on the 7th through to the 11th of December so all GAG team members can participate in this operation.

The GAG will be running on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday the 9th of December.  For those who may be interested in having a look at the GAG in operation, contact Rodney Abell at

The GAG booster fan has finally been put through it's commissioning stages after a rocky start and performs as expected.  We have ten cubic meters per second at 5 KPA suitable for 500mm boreholes to give us another option.

During August, one of our longest serving GAG operators and team captain, Steve Kell left the industry. Steve had over thirteen years with GAG and has been involved with every operation of the GAG since it arrived.  On behalf of the GAG team, I would like to thank Steve for his exceptional contribution to the team and wish him and his family all the best for the future.

Education Manager/RTO - Paul McCarthy

QMRS has completed the development of a pilot Underground Coal Mine First Response course in cooperation with the Coal Mining industry.  The objective of the course is to train mine workers to respond quickly, safely and efficiently to a fire incident or injury to their fellow workers.  An initial course outline was presented at a meeting with industry representatives at the QMRS station in Dysart in April 2015 to ensure that the training program content and outcomes would meet with industry expectations.
The course is divided into five modules, as shown in the illustration.  The modular format is designed to provide flexibility to the mines in the selection of the skills they wish their mine workers to have at the time the course is delivered.  The first two modules include the course introduction, the roles and responsibilities of a first responder and the dynamic risk assessment procedure that first responders must perform when sizing up and considering how to respond to an incident. This part of the course will be delivered to all participants.

Module 3 describes the essential elements required for a fire to start and the use of portable fire extinguishers, fire hoses and foam to control and extinguish fires in an underground coal mine.  Module 4 describes how to use airbags to extricate trapped persons and the use of stretchers to transport casualties from an incident site to medical help.  Module 5 provides training for first responders in the use of CABA when responding to an incident.  Each module is self-contained so that a mine may select one or more of the modules to be delivered according to their skills requirements and training schedule.

The First Responder Course is an important development of the QMRS curriculum and we look forward to delivering the course to industry as part of our on-going response to industry education and training requirements. 

Operations Manager - Ray Smith

With another competition completed, the EK Healy Cup winners were Broadmeadow Mine with Luke Addis taking out the Matt Best Trophy, (Best Captain) for the second time in three years.  Coming in at second place were Oaky No 1 with Moranbah North in third position and Kestrel finishing fourth.  All of these teams will be representing Queensland in the upcoming Australian  Competition which is to be held at Newstan Colliery in Newcastle on the 22nd October and will be coming up against North Wambo (Hunter Valley), Apin Colliery (Southern Mines), Angus Place (Western Districts) and Newcastle Station.  Dallas Dorney took out the Chief Inspectors Trophy (Best Theory) for a fifth time in six years with Steve Reed once again nipping at his heels finishing second.  

Just recently, two Mines Rescue persons cycled their way from Brisbane to Townsville, a gruelling 1600km over eight days.  Operations Manager Ray Smith and Team Member Ryan Chapman.  We had two additional team members jump on board for a day ride of 192km from Blackwater to Clermont.  These being Mick Farrag and Tim Huston.  

Thank you to everyone for their support.  This event has raised in excess of $300,000 which provides funding into research for a cure for cancer.
Operations Manager Ray Smith and Team Member Ryan Chapman.
The Carevent is now closer to rolling out, sometime toward the end of September.  All Team Members have been taken through this training.  If you haven't, please bring this up with your trainer next time you attend day release.  

The weekend of 19th and 20th September saw QMRS represented at the Miners Memorial and Kianga Memorial.  Miners Memorial is held every year on the 19th September remembering all those who have lost their lives in Queensland Mines and coincides with the anniversary of Queensland's worst disaster at  Mount Mulligan where seventy-five mineworkers lost their lives in 1921.

Kianga Memorial 40th commemorative service was held on Sunday the 20th.  13 coal mine worker lost their lives in a coal mine explosion linked to spontaneous combustion.

Equipment - David Watt

The equipment portfolio has continued to achieve the goals set out at the commencement of the year.  Both technicians are utilising the Hardcat system to complete work orders and create purchase orders and the system has become more enhanced as a result of the extra input.

We are continuing to identify needs and/or areas for improvement for the portfolio and are creating and adapting ways to manage these by documenting new procedures, engineering new methods and encouraging in-depth liaison with our OEM's.  The next major project in the area will be standardising an "Introduction to site" process for all of our plant and equipment.

The replacement O2 therapy units (Carevent) are expected to arrive at Dysart in the next week and these will be introduced to site by the equipment team and then delivered to all substations over the coming month.  The superseded MARS unit's will be fully retired from QMRS use after the Australian Competition in October.
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