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Hello Awesome Families! We are missing all of your children's faces and voices! Boyer is such a great space for creativity and learning, but we can have plenty of fun at home too. Check out these ideas from our educators. (If you have not scheduled a Virtual Visit with your team, it's simple! Learn more here.)


Celebrate individuality and diversity with Love Makes A Family and It’s Ok to be Different. Both books offer a jumping off point for discussions about similarities and differences between people. Love Makes a Family highlights a variety of family structures and the how they spend their family time. Use It’s Ok to be Different as an opportunity to talk about diversity with your child. Todd Parr gently touches on race, ability, size and more in this optimistic book. It’s never too early to talk about inclusion and belonging with your little ones!
Sing about the weather with Teacher Kimberly!
Jumping in puddles is so much more than a great way to build our gross motor skills! It incorporates all of our senses and teaches us cause and effect. What do you feel, hear, and see when you jump in a puddle? How big of a splash can you make? Experiment and talk about what you see. Messy play helps us learn!
Encourage your child to explore color through painting or with crayons using a variety of colors to make rainbows. Use what you have at home to have your kids fill a paper with color. Talk about the colors as they use them. You can also use descriptive words as they color such as "bright", "dark", and describe any shapes or line types they are drawing "zig zag" or "circles". Encourage them to fill in as much of the page as they can. Building the hand and finger muscles is important as a pre-writing skill. Using different materials and tools in exploring writing and drawing is a good way to encourage more opportunities for using these tools. Art is also a great way to explore colors. After your child has finished decorating the page, you can turn it into a pinwheel and have your child practice blowing to get their pinwheel to spin.
Cut the art into a square. Download the template or just use it as a reference. The template is an 8" square but any size square will work. You will need: paper cut into square, glue stick, scissors, hole punch (or anything to poke a hole), a straw, small piece of cardboard and a pipe cleaner or piece of bendable wire.
Punch a hole on the center of the square. Cut the paper diagonally halfway through, make sure you don’t reach the center. Punch every second corner of the paper and start folding in the corners. Line up the corner holes with the center hole. Glue all the corners at the center. For the stem, cut a small piece from the plastic straw and set it aside. Cut the cardboard into a small circle; poke hole in the center. This is the center of the pinwheel. Thread the pipe cleaner through the hole of the circle; bend one end so it doesn't slip off. Thread the other end through the pinwheel from the front. Thread the small piece of straw from the back of the pinwheel. Cut a slit in the longer piece of straw about an inch from the end. Insert the long end of paper cleaner and thread it out the bottom; wrap it around the base of the straw.
Boyer's Solidarity Statement
In the nearly 80 years that Boyer has been providing birth to three educational, therapeutic, medical and resource coordination services to children and families in the greater Seattle area, our goal has always been to uplift and empower people of diverse abilities.

But just as COVID-19 has altered how we now deliver services to families as we shelter-in-place, we are reminded that, unlike the corona virus, racism and inequality in America have always been present, and the curve of racism has not flattened.

Therefore, we feel it is necessary to express our solidarity with the Black community, our commitment to equality and justice for all and our willingness to listen and have courageous conversations with diverse communities so we can continually improve the services we provide to children and families at Boyer.

Here are some resources we recommend for talking to your families about racism how you can help.

CNN/Sesame Street Town Hall
A virtual library of multicultural books for children
PS. As we face this pandemic, philanthropic support is more crucial than ever! Gifts of all amounts will make a significant impact. Please consider making a gift today to help meet the most urgent needs of our Boyer community.
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