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Hello Awesome Families! We are missing all of your children's faces and voices! Boyer is such a great space for creativity and learning, but we can have plenty of fun at home too. Check out these ideas from our educators. (If you have not scheduled a Virtual Visit with your team, it's simple! Learn more here.)


Snakes on a Train
Hiss Hiss Hiss! Find the snakes and pig in this silly story as you identify colors and shapes. The simple and high-contrast illustrations in this book make it appealing to children of all ages. Snakes on a Train is a great addition to your bedtime routine since your child can watch as the snakes settle in for the night. If you can't get a copy right now, you can listen to the author read the book here.

The Mixed Up Chameleon
This classic Eric Carle story features a chameleon on a journey to self love. Join the chameleon as he wishes to be other animals, then realizes being himself is the best of all. Point out the various animal body parts the chameleon acquires along the way and talk to your child about how they function.

Make a spiral snake! Grab a paper plate or thick plain paper. If using rectangular paper, cut into a circle. Have your child color, paint or use dot markers to cover the paper. Let dry if necessary. Using a pencil, lightly trace a spiral on the opposite side of the paper. Cut along the line, creating a “head” at the beginning of the cut and gradually taper the paper to a point for the snake’s tail. Add eyes and a tongue if desired. See your child squeal as their flat picture becomes three dimensional when they pick it up! For hanging, poke a small hole just behind the head and push through a knotted piece of yarn, ribbon or even dental floss.


For snakes and lizards week let’s make play-dough snakes! Show your child how to roll out the dough into a snake shape. First, roll on a table top, going back and forth with hands flat until the dough is long and skinny. Next, have them put the play-dough between their hands, like clapping, but moving their hands back and forth against each other until the dough becomes a long and skinny snake. Encourage them to use two hands together. As kids grow they will need to be able to coordinate functional activities, such as holding a bowl while stirring with the other; holding a paper while writing with the other; coordinating tying a shoe, just to name a few. These techniques can be demonstrated hand-over-hand and will give your child a sense of the pressure needed to mold the dough into a snake shape. After you have made some snakes model them slithering and model how to hiss like a snake. Finally have them curl the snake into a circle and pretend it’s asleep. Have Fun!

Teacher Kimberly has a great song about play-dough. Get your play-dough out and sing along!
Boyer's Solidarity Statement

In the nearly 80 years that Boyer has been providing birth to three educational, therapeutic, medical and resource coordination services to children and families in the greater Seattle area, our goal has always been to uplift and empower people of diverse abilities.

But just as COVID-19 has altered how we now deliver services to families as we shelter-in-place, we are reminded that, unlike the corona virus, racism and inequality in America have always been present, and the curve of racism has not flattened.

Therefore, we feel it is necessary to express our solidarity with the Black community, our commitment to equality and justice for all and our willingness to listen and have courageous conversations with diverse communities so we can continually improve the services we provide to children and families at Boyer.
PS. As we face this pandemic, philanthropic support is more crucial than ever! Gifts of all amounts will make a significant impact. Please consider making a gift today to help meet the most urgent needs of our Boyer community.
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