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Hello Awesome Families! We are missing all of your children's faces and voices! Boyer is such a great space for creativity and learning, but we can have plenty of fun at home too. Check out these ideas from our educators. (If you have not scheduled a Virtual Visit with your team, it's simple! Learn more here.)


The Little School Bus is a fun rhyming book that incorporates the repetitive phrase "I'm a little school bus" to describe a day in the life of one of our favorite vehicles! While reading together, try adding in environmental sounds to go along with the words such as "beep beep!" or "vroom!". For the pages that have more illustrations, you can practice pointing by playing "I spy" and look for the school bus together.

The Seals on the Bus is an exciting rendition of the beloved "Wheels on the Bus" song. It talks about what the animals on the bus do, rather than people. This is a great book to practice animal sounds! Practice pointing to each animal and using your best animal voice. See if your child will join in, or if they remember some of the animal sounds on their own!

Print and cut out the bus picture on white paper and have your child paint, or color using crayons or markers. Or have an adult cut out a bus from colored paper (as seen in the example) and cutting squares for the windows and circles for the wheels. Encourage your child to glue the pieces onto the bus shape where they prefer. The goal of this project is exploring the materials and the process of the activity. Try not to tell your child where the pieces go, but allow them to decide where the pieces go for themselves. Using a variety of art materials is important in a child's development in many ways. Children learn about cause and effect, comparison and explore spatial relationships. This creates the opportunity to express themselves in different ways and learn to make creations that are meaningful to them. They are also more likely to participate in the activity longer if allowed to be in control of the process. Talk to your child about their project and sing the "Wheels on the Bus" song, pointing out different parts.

STOP & GO GAMES Encourage fun gross motor time with your kids! Play simple games that involve learning the meaning of 'stop' and 'go'. In addition to saying and/or signing the words 'stop' and 'go', consider making some simple signs to emphasize the instruction. You could make 'stop' and 'go' signs out of paper plates, paper, and green and red markers. Add a straw or popsicle stick to the paper plate/paper to make it easier to hold the sign. For an additional challenge, add a yellow sign for ‘slow’. Try out your signs with the following games:

READY, SET, GO! / RED LIGHT-GREEN LIGHT Stand in front of your child, and pretend you are the 'traffic light'. Say, "ready, set, go!" (or “green light!”) and hold up the green sign. Let your child crawl, walk, run, bike or jump their way forward until you say, "stop!" (or “red light”) and hold up the red sign. Adding a yellow sign to the game is a great way to introduce the concept of fast and slow. Once they understand the basic concept of ‘go’, ‘stop’ and ‘slow’, try to incrementally close the distance between the goal/reward and when you say “stop”. This is a fun way to challenge impulse control. Repeat as many times as you/your child has energy!

FREEZE GAME Play upbeat, fun music on a device that you can easily access with your hands to make the music stop and go. When the music is on say and/or sign, "go!" Dance around with your child, then stop the music and say/sign, "stop!". Try using favorite songs or music that will motivate your child to dance. You can use the stop and go signs for an additional visual reminder of what to do.

Join Teacher Dara! Listen and sing Wheels On The Bus!
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