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February 2021
Zach's Boat Lift Service
Zach's Boat Lift Service
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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes When You're Away From Your Lake Home
When the temperatures drop really low, your pipes have a chance of freezing which puts pressure on them and can cause them to burst. Here’s some preventative measures to reduce the chances that this ever happens to you!

Insulate Pipes
If you have an attic or crawl space you may want to consider insulating those pipes. You can also wrap your pipes in heat tape or heat cables with a thermostat control. Depending on your home will determine which type of pipe insulation will be best for you.

Seal or Caulk Any Cracks that Might Let in Cold Air
If there are any cracks in your home, especially where pipes run from inside to outside the home. You should seal or caulk things like dryer vents and water pipes.

Have a Neighbor Keep an Eye Out
If you don't live at your home full time and have a trusty neighbor, give them a key so they could check up on things every once in a while. This will help you possibly catch the problems early and give you peace of mind.

Take Other Preventative Measures Inside Your Home
  • Open the kitchen and bathroom doors/cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. This is especially necessary if your sinks are on an exterior wall.
  • Let cold water drip from a pipe that is served by exposed pipes. The water only needs to be running at a trickle to prevent the pipes from freezing.
  • Leave the heat on in your home and do not let it drop below 55 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Turn off your water completely at your main shut-off and blow your pipes out to ensure all water has even removed.
  • If there is a room that gets much colder than others you may want to consider adding a space heater to that room. Just be sure the space heater is plugged into a GFCI outlet and don't use an extension cord.
Get Your Premium Wet Steps Now!

Looking for the perfect new ladder/steps for your dock this summer? We just picked up the perfect option for you - Wet Steps!

Wet Steps aren't your normal dock ladder. They make it easier than ever to get in and out of the lake. Even dogs can use them!

Email Zach today to get your hands on some!

***Limited quantities available.
It's Almost Time For Us to Start Installing Your New Boat Docks/Lifts

We're so close to being able to start installing your brand new docks and lifts! We have been anxiously waiting and working hard to get things ready this winter. With that being said, if you have procrastinated putting in your order - don't wait another minute! We are already booked 2 months out.

Reach out to Zach today to place an order!
Important Things to Consider when Purchasing a Boat Lift
Thinking about buying a boat lift to make your life easier when storing/putting away your boat when you're not using it? If so, make sure you have done your research and know what you are buying, You certainly don't want to buy something that may not last you for years to come. Here's some things to consider when purchasing a boat lift.

Manual or Electric?
Do you want convenience when raising up your boat lift or would you rather save yourself a tad bit of money? Either will work great, it's really preference on what you would rather have. If you decide to go with electric you may need to hire an electrician to run electricity to your lift.

Length & Width
As you may know, depending on the size of your boat will determine the size of the lift you need. It will need to support the size of your boat and also support its weight capacity. It is also important to consider what size of boat you may have in the future. If you think you may upgrade down the line, you may want something that would be able to handle both. Your dealer should be able to help you make this decision.

Typically boat lifts are either made out of stainless steel, galvanized steel or welded aluminum. Depending on if you live in a freshwater lake or the ocean will determine which material would be best for your boat lift. For example, if you live on a lake, welded aluminum would be a fabulous option. It is durable, strong, and hassle-free.

Every part of boat ownership will require some type of maintenance. Chances are your boat lift will require some type of maintenance. Check with your dealer to learn about the care needed for different aspects of your boat lift such as the cradle, winch cables or motor.
How to Get Yourself Through Winter When You're Ready for Summer

The holidays have come and gone. The New Year is here and now all we have to do is wait as patiently as possible for the warm summer months to be here. Trust us, this is much easier than it sounds. We have been waiting for summer to come around again since the second she left us. We are waiting for those sunny days on the lake and the nights by the campfire. Sounds dreamy, doesn't it? While you're waiting for winter to come to an end, here's some things you can do to enjoy it to the fullest!

Light the Fireplace, a Candle or Turn Some Lamps On
Since the winter days have the shortest amount of light it can be hard to get the feeling of summer when it is dark out by 5pm. During the day make sure you open up all your blinds to let all that natural light in. At night you can light a candle or your fireplace to help bring in some more light to your home.

Cook Summer Foods
When most of us think summer we think of grilling burgers, eating corn on the cob and watermelon. While these are thought to be "summer foods", it doesn't mean you can't have this meal in the winter. Cook up a summer meal and let it make you think it is good ole summertime.

Fresh Flowers in the Kitchen
Fresh flowers have an effect on your smell, sight, and touch. They are bright and colorful and can really change your mood around. Trader Joe's has beautiful affordable arrangements year 'round.

Put Some Summer Smells Around Your Home
Anything that smells like sea breeze, coconut, or tanning oil screams summer. Find some candles or wall plug-ins that smell like summer to give you that summer effect.

Choose Bright Colors for Your Home Decor
Whites, yellows, greens, oranges and other bright summer colors are perfect for your home decor. It will lighten your mood while you're lounging on the couch or cooking dinner.

The warmth is near, just think summer thoughts and it will be here before you know it! In the meantime, don't forget to put in your order for your new dock/boat lift you've had your eye on.

Gear Up Your Dock with a Dockside Firetable

The Homecrest Dockside Firetable is bound to be the perfect complement for your dock! Think about all the perks it has - keeping you warm on the chillier nights, lighting up your dock, and making your dock look aesthetically pleasing!

Firetable Glass Guard
Is it windy out and you're having trouble keeping your fire lit on the dock? No need to fear, the firetable glass guard will help protect your fire from the wind!

Firetable Round Cover
If you want to keep your fireable protected the round cover will do just that!

Replacement Firetable Glass
Sometimes the glass in your firetable may get lost here and there. If you ever feel you are running low you can always buy some replacement glass. It is available in silver and a bronze color!

*The Dockside Firetable works with any ShoreMaster Infinity Dock.

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