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August 2020
Zach's Boat Lift Service
Zach's Boat Lift Service
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Zebra Mussels 101 and What You Can Do to Prevent the Spread
Zebra Mussels are small freshwater mollusks that are originally native to Russia and Ukraine lakes. They have been accidentally introduced to numerous other areas of the world.
How They Spread
They easily spread in just a few days:
  • Their larvae spread in bodies of water in the form of plankton. 
  • They spread by attaching to surfaces like boats, live wells, dive gear, buoys, and many other surfaces that touch the water.
Help Stop the Spread
The more we all do our part to keep zebra mussels out of unwanted areas, the better off our bodies of water will be! Things you can do to help stop the spread are things like:
  • Inspect and clean all things that have came into contact with another body of water before putting them in a different body of water.
  • Remove any mud, animals, etc. from your boat if it has been in another body of water recently.
  • Do to allow any water from when you are washing your boat off to come into contact with a body of water or stream.
  • Dry all boats and trailers in the sun for at least five days before putting it back into the water.
  • Need to put it in immediately? Hot water wash your boat and then you’l be ready to rock!
*To find out more about zebra mussels and how they spread, check out our blog!
A BIG Thank You to Our Crew For All Their Hard Work

This summer has been a crazy one, we all know that! We have been so blessed to stay busy all summer long with all our new installs and service work at lakes all around. Our crew works hard all year around, but in the summer (our extra busy months) they truly show us that they have a work ethic that's second to none and always have a great attitude! From building and installing docks and lifts to fixing lifts and docks after a storm, to helping organize our shop, they do it all!

Thank you, Chanz, Dustin, Adam, Brock, and Derek for all you do! You guys are appreciated more than we could ever express! We couldn't do all we do without you, and for that we are so incredibly grateful to have each and every one of you on our team!
Boat Safety Tips For Pulling Watersports Athletes

Tubing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, wave-surfing, are just some of the watersports you can do on a lake! Whenever any of these watersports are done, it is important the captain knows all the proper ways to pull the athlete and also how to keep everyone safe on the water! The next time you go out to do one of these activities remember this list
  • Lifejackets: No matter what type of watersport you are doing, you always need to be wearing a lifejacket. This is for safety for anything that could possibly happen.
  • Watersport Capabilities: For all watersports there are always some type of manufacturer information you should always read. Always read that information, like for example a kneeboard may only be equipped to pull a certain amount of weight. Follow suggested guidelines for everyone's safety.
  • Spotter: A spotter is an important person to have on board no matter what type of watersport rider you are pulling. They can ultimately pay attention to the signs the person behind the boat may be putting up and what not. Another important step they are taking is raising the orange flag when the athlete is in the water getting ready to go or has just fallen down!
  • Water Regulations: All lakes have their own rules regarding speed, where you can pull someone, and more. Know all of these rules and obey them out of safety and respect for your loved ones and others in the community.
  • Handle Waves With Care: When you are about to go by waves, be sure to slow down and make sure your rider is handling the waves well.
No matter what, safety is always the most important step in every thing you do on the lake! We hope these tips help someone on the lake take their safety to the next level!

*For more boat safety tips for pulling watersports athletes, visit out blog.
Here, There, Everywhere - The Lakes We Service
For 17 years we have been serving several lakes in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota and Wyoming. When thinking of all the lakes in Nebraska we have built a dock or put a lift in, it is hard to name one we haven't done work on!

Lake WaConDa in Union, NE will always be our home, but there are several other Nebraska lakes we serve! Hawaiian Village, Lake Allure, Capitol Beach, and Sundance Lake are some of the many other lakes in Nebraska we have had the privilege to visit and build docks and lifts. Above is a picture of a dock install we did at the base of the Medicine Bow National Forest in Centennial, WY.

We love getting to help our customers "build memories one dock at a time" and can't wait to continue doing so! Check out all the lakes we have traveled to near and far!

Always Wear Sunscreen.

Summer or Winter - there is always a chance of UV exposure and you always want to stay protected! Did you know there is even a chance of catching harmful UV rays when there is snow on the ground?

Most of us have been told several times by our mom's to put on sunscreen! We all used to fight it and never thought it was that big of a deal to not wear sunscreen when we were outside. If you've grown to realize how important sunscreen is but need to find ways to convince other people in your life that sunscreen is so important, take all these reasons in!

Lowers Your Risk of Skin Cancer
Did you know that skin cancer is actually the most common kind of skin cancer in the United States? Stay protected with sunscreen so you do not have to worry about the risk of skin cancer. Wearing SPF nearly cuts the risk for skin cancer in half. Worth it right?

Prevents Premature Aging of the Skin
Sun damage from UV rays causes photo aging of the skin and breaks down collagen that your skin counts on to prevent wrinkles. Studies show that people who are under the age of 55 who apply sunscreen regularly have a 24 percent less chance of showing signs of early aging.

Save yourself some trouble and just use that sunscreen! Getting a sunburn or even getting as dark of a tan as you can all summer long is just not worth it! Listen to what your mom nagged you about when you were a kid, she was right all along!

*Check out our blog for even more reasons to wear sunscreen.

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