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October 2020
Zach's Boat Lift Service
Zach's Boat Lift Service
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How to Keep Mice Out of Your Boat this Fall/Winter
If you own a boat, you probably try to do everything to take care of it so it is sure to stay in superb condition. Even with proper maintenance, there is still a chance those pesky pets can ruin everything for you!

Pests, like mice and rats can be a nuisance in your home, vehicles, and your boat. They can be hard to deal with since they can fit into even the smallest of spaces. They are not only a nuisance, but they can also cause severe damage to your boat. It can be a challenge to keep them away, but it is not impossible!

Keep Your Boat Clean
One of the number one things you can do to keep those pests out of your boat is to keep it clean. Clean up every possible location where there may have been a spilled drink or crumbs. Pay close attention to lingering odors as they can also attract pests. 

Sound Devices
One way to scare animals away is ultrasonic sound devices. They are usually found in gardens and backyards, but they can also be used in boats. They let out ultrasonic sounds that only certain animals can hear. Be careful, if you have pets of your own there is a chance the sound may bother them. 

Effective Pest Repellents
- Dryer Sheets
- Peppermint Soap
- Mothballs
- Cayenne Pepper
- Ammonia
- Apple Cider Vinegar
- Mint Leaves

Keep those mice out of your boat and don't let them ruin your fun! Stay on top of things and it will make keeping those pests away much easier!
Removable Decking For Your Dock

Removable decking for your dock?! Say what! It's true, removable decking is the next best thing since sliced bread!

The decking on your dock is the first thing you and anyone will see on your dock. You want it to be safe, reliable, long lasting, easy to clean, and a bonus is that you are able to remove it your easier. Plus there are endless opportunities for add-ons and improvements. 

Glacier Decking
Glacier decking is a flow-through design and requires little to no maintenance. It is textured so you don't have to worry about anyone slipping and getting hurt. It's also lightweight and easy to remove.

Traditional Woodgrain
No, not actual wood, it is a powder coated aluminum decking that looks like real wood! This decking gives you a timeless look year after year. It is also slip and scratch resistant.

Vertex Decking
Vertex decking is unique and made of polypropylene so it won't warp, rot, or decay. It provides a beautiful aesthetic appeal and great performance.

Painted Aluminum
Painted Aluminum is one of the most popular choices for dock owners. It is heat and scratch resistant and is also slip-free so you don't have to worry about a thing. 

Fall Is Here - Fall Activites You Can Do At the Lake

It's beginning to look a lot like fall here in the Midwest! The temperature is starting to cool down and the leaves are changing color. Before too long there isn't going to be too many water activities going on. Follow this list for some fall friendly activities!

  • Bike Ride: Exercise, a breath of fresh air, looking around at the changing trees, and biking - what could be better?! There is no better time to bike than in the cool fall breeze. Grab your bike and take a ride around the lake!
  • Rake Your Leaves: Raking your leaves can be fun if jumping in them is part of the process. You could even make a "leaf angel"! If you have a neighbor who is a part-timer, consider raking up their leaves for them too.
  • Go Canoeing/Kayaking: It may be too chilly to swim for enjoyment, but that doesn't mean you can't hop in your canoe/kayak with the family. Race the kayaks and have some fun. Just don't fall in!
  • Polar Plunge: If you're feeling really adventurous - you could take the polar plunge! Jump in the lake for a good laugh, it could even wake you up a bit! Have a wetsuit? We love a good fall skiing run, in fact Thanksgiving morning has been one of our favorite days for perfect calm ski water.

Fall is one of our favorite seasons! Enjoy this time of year at the lake!

*For more fall activity ideas, visit out blog

Common Causes of Seawall Failure and What You Can Do to Prevent It

Seawalls are a very important and expensive part of any waterfront property. Whether you’re assessing your current seawall or looking to purchase a new property - here’s a few ways to prevent a failing seawall

Common Causes of Seawall Failure:
  • Poor maintenance 
  • Lack of inspection to detect early problems 
  • Building foundations placed too close to the seawall
  • Outdoor elements like wind, water, etc
  • Driving heavy vehicles and/or equipment too close to the seawall
  • Change in water depth
How to Prevent Failure
Regular seawall inspections by a professional ensure there is nothing wrong with your seawall before something major were to happen. By having these repairs done early on, you will save a lot of time and money on what may end up being bigger repairs later on down the line. Whenever you notice something different about your seawall, be sure to get it looked at as soon as possible.

Pay attention to any plants growing around your seawall. Weeds that are deep into the ground can end up causing damage because they can cause cracks in the liner wall of your seawall. Be sure to spray weed killer to remove and prevent future weeds!

During the winter time, pay attention to the ice and any shifting that may occur. Ice can cause major damage to seawalls. When the lake freezes over check to make sure you don’t see any cracks in your seawall. It may behoove you to install a bubbler. Contact us if you need recommendations on purchasing one!
Highlighted Seawall Installs
Our team has been working hard and has not slowed down a bit. We've been keeping busy on our newest adventure - seawall installation projects! We are so happy we have been able to help our customers with all their seawall needs. We know it can be a pain point for many waterfront owner's and that is why we are so excited to be able to help. 

Check out the latest seawall project we have been working on! It is so fun to see it all come together. 
*For more information on seawall installation and repairs, contact us.
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