June, 2016
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In this Issue...
  • McMenamins Chapel Pub Family & Friends Night to Benefit North Star Village - June 6th
  • July Village at Home Talk - Bring a Friend
  • North Star V Planning Team Meeting - June 9th
  • May's North Star Facebook Favorite: Climbing in My Seventies
  • Free Aging Mastery Workshops - June 6, 13 & 20
  • Guest column - Who Needs a Village?
  • Villages NW Network of Villages

Saturday, July 16 
2 - 4 pm

It's not a place. 
It's a plan for living independently in the home you love with a little help from your neighbors!

Space is limited so RSVP soon at
or call Patt at 503-978-0540

Come with a friend!
June Planning Team Meeting

Thursday, June 9th
7:00 - 9:00
Charles Jordan Community Center
N. Foss & N. Houghton

We have a place for YOU at the Planning Team table.  If you have attended a Village at Home talk and want to help our Village get ready to open its "virtual doors", we welcome you to join our team of dedicated worker bees.
Questions?  Contact Patt,
Planning Team Chair, at 503-978-0540
May's most popular North Star Facebook posting
Climbing in My Seventies
by Judith McDaniel
published by Senior Planet
, April 29, 2016
“I want to keep hiking until I die. And I hope I’ll be climbing a mountain
when that happens. But not for a while yet! I’m only 72.”

Earlier this year, when a chance to see Peru’s Machu Picchu presented itself, I asked, Why not? I had never been to South America. I had always wanted to see the Inca ruins in the Sacred Valley.

I tamped down the doubting thoughts that said, don’t be silly, you’re 72, you’ve had two back surgeries and a hip replacement. You’ll never be able to deal with the altitude. What about your balance on those narrow trails?

If I had listened to those voices, I would have stayed home. Instead, along with my partner I researched altitude sickness on the internet (chlorophyll helps!). Then we packed our bags and set off.                      
Continue reading.
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Guest Comment from the Viva Village Voice
Who Needs a Village?
by Ross Miller
Ross Miller is the editor of The Viva Village Voice. He has been a Village Builder with Viva Village since its beginning early in 2014.
Ross and Nancy My wife, Nancy, and I were invited to speak about Viva Village to a group for seniors at a Beaverton church in January. After a tasty lunch, they listened attentively as we shared our enthusiasm for Viva Village. We did our best to answer their many questions. We were warmly thanked for coming and several showed interest in becoming service-providing Viva Village volunteers. But few, it seemed, thought of themselves as potential Viva Village members. In fact, one of those at the event, a woman in her nineties, eagerly told us about her track record as a volunteer, but let us know that she didn’t need a Village because she had long-term health insurance.
(Here we have some major misperceptions about Villages. This ninety-year-old ace volunteer seemed to think that Villages are for sick people, the ailing. And it seems that her co-lunchers likewise thought of Villages as primarily for the unfortunate, which they were not … yet.) 
Most of us working to make Viva Village a reality do not consider ourselves “ailing” or “unfortunate.” But many of us can admit that we are reaching a time in our lives when we’re not quite as self-sufficient as we were a few years ago. Nancy and I still drive, but before we head to a theater or restaurant in downtown Portland, we check out the parking options more carefully than we once did. We’re more cautious about driving at night, especially when it’s raining. Ladders are off-limits, as are roofs and gutters. This last December a younger neighbor hung the Christmas wreath on our garage. We asked our son-in-law, here from California for the holidays, to replace the bulb in the motion light—also high up on the garage.
(It’s great to have neighbors or
family members help, when they’re available, but we’re reluctant to ask too often. Our neighbor, a few doors down, is eager to join  Viva Village because she’s reluctant to bother her son with frequent calls for help.)
The Village Movement began when a dozen, still lively, older persons in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, found a way to get the services they needed so they could remain in their homes. Like 90% of U.S. seniors (according to AARP), they did not want to move to a retirement home of some kind.
We, too, are still lively. And we’ve decided that “we need a village.” Though some of our friends seem happily settled in retirement facilities, we prefer the mix of ages we have in our neighborhood.  (Among many other considerations, if we lived in one of those places we wouldn't be able to watch the weekday procession of children to the nearby elementary school.)
We like the idea that we can call for advice and assistance when our skills and physical resources fall short.
We also like the idea of serving as volunteers. As Viva Village volunteers, we are already experiencing the sense of community a Village makes possible, a sense that will surely be enhanced when our volunteering provides services for other Villagers. At our age, retired and slowing down a bit, it’s easy to get isolated. In Villages across the country, many are finding the social connections as valuable as the services received.
We like being part of a movement that gives seniors a better chance for a good life. Our society cannot build retirement homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, etc. fast enough to accommodate a rapidly increasing senior population. Also, few of us can afford the thousands per month it takes to live in most of those places.

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