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2016 was a big year for us. 2017 promises even more.
Over the course of 2016, we brought brought Los Angeles County partners together to meet target challenges. Enhanced Pando’s web-based resources to better meet community needs. Reached out for top board member and volunteer talent, further developing our ability to get things done.  

And we launched Pando Hubs, a bold initiative to bring big ideas down to Earth. Innovations brought “eco” and “homeless” together, broke past municipal logjams to urban gardening, helped get ecological education out of its comfort zone, and came up with ingenious ideas to deal with activist burnout.

2017 Pando Hubs will focus on four key areas:
  • INNOVATION HUBS: When solutions to wicked problems must be imagined together along a short timeline to impact. 
  • KNOWLEDGE HUBS: When the challenge is to extend available knowledge about best practices and innovate local applications.  
  • EVENT HUBS: When the challenge is to shine a spotlight on critical issues and engage large groups.  
  • RETREAT HUBS: When what’s needed is to pull back and let go.
Interested in helping us make a world of difference? Become a Pando Partner! Write Betsy Hunter at
Here’s the latest on Pando Hubs…
CAMPANDO Maryknoll is for social justice and environmental leaders of L.A. County who need to unplug and recharge.  To be held January 20-22 at the seven-acre Maryknoll compound in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, the weekend retreat is a gift from the Maryknoll sisters to the Los Angles change-maker community. The sisters have long been at the center of peace and social justice worldwide. Campando evolved from Think Wrong labs with Pando team members and sisters participating.  Their hope and ours is to make this an on-going event.
Pando Blog Highlights
John Cobb is beginning a series of Pando blogposts about some of the biggest of big ideas. If you’re interested in the connections between philosophy and creating a more ecological way of life, or even if you just enjoy being teased by mind-bending thoughts, you’ll love his new series. 

First up is a post about the intellectual life itself: "On the Importance of Thinking (and Re-Thinking)." Here’s a quote:
"We probably think of ourselves as highly informed and yet our culture is almost certainly un-intellectual and even anti-intellectual. We believe ourselves to be cutting-edge, and yet are organizing our lives on the basis of outdated ideas formulated four hundred years ago."
Read John's Post
Watch for regular posts in the series.
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Amy is a long-time specialist in public relations, tracing to her time on Capitol Hill as a press secretary to a former U.S. Senator. She has been active as a volunteer across the spectrum of all things Pando. Through Rootball, Amy will help you stay up on the latest.
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Upcoming Events
Do you have a traditional practice to share? 

You are invited to Huerta del Valle’s 4th Anniversary Celebration, April 1, 2017. Titled "Roots, Culture, and Tradition," the free 9am-5pm event will bring together many diverse communities in our region to share their land-based cultures and deepen connections. It will be fun, educational, and build solidarity in the work of preserving our cultures, uniting us, and connecting us to the land in sustainable ways.

All groups or individuals who carry on a traditional practice — dance, song, musical instruments, craft, ceremony, food, etc. — are invited to share. You can offer a workshop or performance, or host a booth. Huerta is especially interested in practices that build community, promote health and healing, and connect us to the land.

Huerta del Valle is a Pando Partner and host of an upcoming Pando Hubs event. Contact Arthur at if you’d like to share your traditional practice April 1 (no joke). 
Save the Date!  

Be a part of history on Saturday, January 21, for The Women’s March on Washington – even if you’re in Los Angeles!  Marches are taking place simultaneously in key cities across the country, including L.A. The Women’s March is a national movement to unify and empower everyone who stands for human rights, civil liberties, and social justice – all fundamental to Pando. Join us: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Pershing Square, Downtown L.A.
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Volunteer now to help make ecological civilization happen in Los Angeles County – one street address at a time. Email Pando Hubs arborist, Mervis Reissig at
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