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Why I’m Going on the Roadtrip to Pando: wrong thinker John Bielenberg and chief scientist Paul Rogers join philosopher John Cobb
John Bielenberg, designer and founder of “thinking wrong.”
“Thinking right has gotten us into this mess! We cannot keep doing the same things we’ve been doing and expect a positive result. Biology and culture enforce the status quo. So, that means that we must reset our neural pathways to find new ‘wrong’ solutions to our biggest challenges.”
John Bielenberg has gotten some of the biggest organizations in the country to innovate their way past monumental challenges by helping them “think wrong.” 

Now he aims to help us change the game for Pando, the largest organism on Earth.  

John is leading the ROADTRIP TO PANDO in September -- three nights and four days of “wrong” thinking with some of the most creative and committed people we can pull together to focus on the Pando grove’s survival.

Read John’s new post to find out why he’s making the journey and why it’s a trip you won’t want to miss.

John Bielenberg's post
Paul Rogers, chief scientist for the Pando clone and director of the Western Aspen Alliance.
“I've spent the past several years looking intensely at the Pando clone, trying to understand the situation, and bring people of differing backgrounds together to help this iconic forest through a difficult time. I call it Pando triage.”
Paul Rogers is the Utah State University ecologist who likely knows more about Pando than anyone.  

He’ll be taking us into the Pando grove and sharing what he knows. He’ll also be leading us in assisting with fieldwork research and on-the-ground preservation efforts.  
Read Paul’s new post to get a sense of what’s in store.
Paul Rogers' post
ROADTRIP TO PANDO.  Sept. 21-24.  
Be part of this historic adventure to the Pando grove in south-central Utah and help save this western American treasure. Limited seats are available.

ROADTRIP TO PANDO is part conservation adventure, part innovation blitz with the mission of keeping alive the planet’s largest organism and one of the oldest. 

Following the trip, we will implement the most ingenious ideas conceived for supporting Pando-related research, preservation, and education/communications. What we do together on the trip will make a big difference.  

Find out more about the Roadtrip here. Order Eventbrite tickets here or send your check to Pando Populus directly to our mailing address at the bottom of this newsletter.
Learn more about the ROADTRIP TO PANDO
Pando Grove at Fish Lake, Utah.
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