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A lot of good things are happening with Pando Populus!
In sum; The third Pando Populus Blitz was held at Future Partners, Half Moon Bay.  Branding and website re-design and a new platform launch are now underway.  The first Pando Hubs are now in the development stage.  Pando, the tree, makes national news.  California College for the Arts plans road trip.  Eugene Shirley named “Impact Maker to Watch, 2016” for aiming to build hubs of ecological civilization across Los Angeles.  
Pando Populus creative director John Bielenberg led his third Blitz to explore strategic development, marketing and branding for Pando Populus’s next stage of growth.  Held at Future Partners, Half Moon Bay, more than a dozen advisers and members of the core team from southern California and the Bay Area joined John and fellow designers.   

As a result, we will be moving into Phase II of Pando Populus development with a rebrand from Braley Design, out of Lexington, Kentucky.  

Additionally, we will be launching a web-based platform to support Pando Hubs development; pandomaniac Michelle Self is leading the technology build.   

Expect to see new areas of content on the website coming soon as well focused on books and movies – but more on that in the next Rootball edition.  

Speaking of Pando Hubs, early prototypes are starting to take shape, with specific plans being discussed in locations around LA County.  “Project arborists” Claudia Pearce and Mervis Reissig are spearheading developing of two prototypes already.  Claudia Pearce (left) and homeless advocate Paris Smith, pictured..  

Reissig and fellow pandomaniac Betsy Hunter are developing a comprehensive database to stay on top of the needs, skills, and relationships of our partners.  This important back-end development will play a critical role in allowing us to package qualified service opportunities for volunteers.  
After 80,000 years, Pando the tree is finally making the news – not all of it good.  Ecologist Paul Rogers has come out with a major piece on Pando in this month’s edition of Natural History titled, “Saving Pando.”  The title tells you the gist – you’ll want to read it here.  

Rogers, pictured, is an ecologist and director of the Western Aspen Alliance at Utah State University.  He is also featured in a great new episode devoted to Pando in the PBS series SciTech.  As always with PBS, you’ll want to check local listings, or find it on the web here.  

And to hear more about Pando from Rogers, go to our latest Pando Populus blog post, which Rogers authored.  
What are students from the California College of the Arts doing this spring break?  They’re taking a road trip to Pando in their 1979 Airstream which doubles as their mobile studio. Secret Project is led by fellow pandomaniacs Marc O’Brien and John Bielenberg.  Follow them on Instagram.  They’ll be posting from the road.
Eugene Shirley, Pando Populus’s president, was honored as a 2016 “Impact Maker to Watch” by Councilmember Paul Koretz at the top of Los Angeles city hall at a recent event.  Eugene readily admits he’s not worth watching – but Pando is.  The honor anticipates our Pando Hubs launch.  Eugene Shirley (center) and Councilmember Paul Koretz (right), pictured.  
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To those who have recently volunteered, THANK YOU!  We are the process of helping the right people fill the right positions now.  To those who still wish to volunteer, we still need help in these areas:  

- Creative writing and editing – who can help keep our online contributions strong (blog, social media, website).

- Project management – especially for those in LA County, as we work to get Hubs off the ground here. 

If you have talents and time to lend, write to Eugene.  

Stay tuned!  
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Pando Populus is a platform for people who care about big ideas and the Earth.
Our aim is to create an ecological civilization.
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