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Pando is becoming a verb in communities of women religious 
PANDOTOPIA Blitz attendees, July 17-18. The event attracted leadership from seven congregations of women religious from across the country and took place at the Maryknoll Sisters’ compound in Monrovia, CA.
Last month, seven congregations of women religious from New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, and California met at the Maryknoll Sisters’ compound in Monrovia, CA to reimagine mission and resources with a Pando vision in mind. 

Produced in affiliation with the Religious Services group of the international consulting firm Plante Moran, it was the second in our series of Pandotopia Blitz events, designed to brainstorm ways of incarnating the principles of Pope Francis’s encyclical to the world, Laudato Si’.

Key takeaway:  Create a Pandotopia Network from a growing core of women religious to support and scale Pando’s mission. 
Two weeks after the Pandotopia Blitz, Sr. Anastasia Lott of the Maryknoll Sisters was spreading the word at the annual assembly of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) in St. Louis.  The front of her T-shirt had an image of the Pando “twins.”  The back read, Do you Pando?

Sr. Anastasia Lott (r), Maryknoll Sisters, and Jerry Gumbleton (l), Plante Moran Religious Services group, at the recent LCWR assembly in St. Louis. 
Pando Lab launches at Maryknoll in Monrovia
Left, Pando Fellow Geneva Bielenberg is helping to launch the creation of the new Pando Lab at Maryknoll in Monrovia, right.  
Speaking of Maryknoll, some of you will recall that we’ve been brainstorming with the Maryknoll Sisters in Monrovia, CA for some time about creating a place where Pope Francis’s vision for integral ecology can be modeled, experimented with, and learned.  Now, following discussions with the Sisters’ leadership, we’ve set off to see what together we can do. 

We’re thinking of the place as a Pando Lab, with the mission of incarnating an ecologically balanced and socially just future. 

We’ve launched with a full-time Pando Fellow, Geneva Bielenberg, taking up residency.  A recent art program graduate from Ithaca College in New York, Geneva is helping us prepare a corner of the Maryknoll Sisters’ 7 ½ acre compound for a sustainability makeover, Pando blitz events, and small-bet project launches. 

Stay tuned.  And welcome, Geneva!
Sir Bailey, founder and head of the Living Well Tour, second from right, with other FUTURES OF DEATH ALLEY-2 participants at LA Trade Tech architecture studio.  
On August 14, Pando Populus brought together the Los Angeles design firm verynice with stakeholder groups for a four-hour FUTURES OF DEATH ALLEY - 2 workshop led by verynice at Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC).  

The event picked up on ideas generated during our first FUTURES OF DEATH ALLEY Blitz and explored next steps for creating impact in vacant lots and alleyways of South LA. Participants included leadership from the Five Points Youth Foundation, where last year’s event was held, the performer Sir Bailey, originator of the Living Well Tour, and others. 
FUTURES OF DEATH ALLEY Blitzes are designed to support the fieldwork of students enrolled in the LATTC architecture program.  Professor Marcela Oliva is fieldwork director. 
Next step:  work with the LATTC community to further develop the reach and brand of the Living Well Tour, a pop-up music, art, and food fest that aims for holistic impact, at the Five Points Youth Foundation location and elsewhere in South Los Angeles. 
Pilgrimage to Pando
View onto Fishlake National Forest, UT, site of our upcoming PILGRIMAGE TO PANDO. 
We’re soon to be off on the PILGRIMAGE TO PANDO to spend contemplative time together in the company of the largest organism on Earth in Fishlake National Forest, Utah. 

The PILGRIMAGE is bringing leaders together from across the greatest diversity.  Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, and atheists. Paiute, hunters, and ranchers. Scientists, ecologists, artists, writers, designers, and intellectuals.  

Organized by the Rev. Ed Bacon and produced by Amy Goldberg, it is our first event with a contemplative focus. 

We’re aiming to develop extensive educational outreach materials out of the experience, including a book, video, and web-based resources.  We’ll keep you posted as these develop.  

And watch this space for opportunities next year -- we’re likely to return again shortly after Labor Day 2019. 
Why Does Pando Matter?  It doesn’t except…
"Why Pando Matters" cover and spreads.  
You know the story, of why Pando matters – and matters a whole lot – but you haven’t seen it in print like this before. 

A dream team of artist Tucker Nichols, writer Rich Binell, and designer Michael Braley came together to produce a stunning large format paperback booklet that is as fun and beautiful as it is powerful in telling our story. 

It’s guaranteed to be a conversation starter if you leave it out on your desk or coffee table.  Use it to let people know what we’re up to and where your passions lie.  Go to the Pando store to order your copy. 
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Defending the Boundary Waters 
Joseph Goldstein fishing at the Boundary Waters Canoe Area earlier this year.
In this post, the seventeen year-old founding president of Kids For the Boundary Waters explains why the fight for our planet is “all about the small steps forward…about getting back up despite setbacks...” His 3 ½ year battle with cancer has taught him lessons of courage and survival we all need to hear.
A Unique Historical Opportunity
Moreton Bay fig tree in Library Park, Monrovia, CA, by Monrovia Public Library. Licensed under Creative Commons.
In this far-ranging and inspirational talk for the second PANDOTOPIA Blitz, John Cobb discusses major influences that have shaped our current situation and the alternative vision of Pope Francis in Laudato Si’. He concludes with specific ideas for how the Pando Lab at Maryknoll might incarnate integral ecology.
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