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Why I’m Going on the Roadtrip to Pando:  John Cobb
“I am a theist, and with many, I feel God’s presence most strongly in the midst of natural, and especially living, things. Pando is an extraordinarily interesting living thing, and I expect it to induce a deep sense of sacred presence.”
John Cobb is going on the ROADTRIP TO PANDO in September to visit the largest organism on Earth, and lay plans to save it.   

Read John’s new post to find out why he’s making the journey and what he expects.  

John Cobb's Post
Book your own seat on the bus!
Want to be part of an historic adventure to the Pando grove in south-central Utah? ROADTRIP TO PANDO takes place Sept. 21–24. Limited seats are available. Book now! 

ROADTRIP TO PANDO is part conservation adventure, part innovation blitz with the mission of keeping alive the planet’s largest organism and one of the oldest. Following the trip, we aim to implement the most ingenious ideas conceived for supporting Pando-related research, conservation, education, and communications. 
John Cobb is making the trip along with designer John Bielenberg and adventurers of all kinds. If the trip has the impact we hope, it may well be the journey of a lifetime. 
Find out more about the roadtrip. Order Eventbrite tickets here. Or send your check to Pando Populus directly to avoid the booking fee. Our mailing address is at the bottom of this newsletter. 
Learn more about the roadtrip
Vern Visick at Fish Lake, Utah visiting the Pando grove, 2014. Photo by Bob Ireland.

In Memory
Vernon S. Visick
Founding Pando Populus board member and treasurer, organizer of the 2015 “Seizing an Alternative” conference, and friend. 
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