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Pando means we are interconnected
Artwork copyright © 2015 Tucker Nichols. 
Divisions are increasing in the country along with potential for unrest. In response, we’re launching a campaign to focus on the values that stem from recognizing our interconnectedness.  

Artist Tucker Nichols, former First Lady of California Maria Shriver, and thought leaders from throughout our community are contributing.  

Go here to see the Pando values they’re lifting up at this moment in our history. We’ll be updating this page over the coming weeks as additional comments come in.  

Let us know the Pando value you’d like to lift up and we’ll consider posting.  
Magenta House offers the most comprehensive website on DIY water conservation and power efficiency for your home (with a Squad to boot!)
We’re creating a water-friendly and power-wise future for LA’s Council District 5 on a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) basis -- and, hey, we’d love your help!    

If you’re a ROOTBALL reader, you will have heard all about Magenta House and our aim to remake houses and apartments into models of resilience -- one street address at a time. We call them “Magenta Houses” for the way we anticipate the houses and apartments we affect will become stand-out neighborhood examples of water conservation and power efficiency.  

Under COVID, the entire educational outreach initiative has now become virtual, letting us take advantage of the time people are spending at home -- motivating them to channel that energy into positive change.  

We offer two ways to get involved in the Magenta House program: turn your own home into a Magenta House with easy, DIY steps, or help others (virtually) with theirs. 

At the heart of the initiative is our Magenta House website, the most comprehensive site we know of that’s wholly dedicated to water conservation and power efficiency on a DIY basis.  

Here you’ll find our online guide to make it easy to assess your home for simple water and power improvements and create your own makeover plan with goals that make sense for you. 

We direct you to rebates and offer continuing education through online events. 

Feel out of your depth? Our Magenta House Squad is there to give you the personal attention you need on everything from home assessment and planning to DIY implementation.  

We aim to leave a string of Magenta Houses across the Southland that are water- and power-wise, beginning in Council District 5. Go here to get started.  

Magenta House was developed as an accelerator initiative from the Pando at Maryknoll campus and is produced in collaboration with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power in association with the Office of LA City Councilmember Paul Koretz. 

NEWS FLASH: Are you an LADWP customer and experiencing a loss of income due to the COVID pandemic? You may be eligible for a one-time, $500 check to help you pay your bills. Funding is limited for applications received prior to Nov. 15. Learn more
Top design!
“I’m with Pando” poster designed by Michael Braley.
Communication Arts magazine recently announced winners of its 11th annual typography competition, selecting designer Michael Braley’s new poster, “I’m with Pando.” 

“I’m with Pando” will be published in the Jan./Feb. 2021 edition of Communication Arts, which operates from a Silicon Valley base. The magazine targets communications professionals with a global readership. 

Go Michael, go!
Mark Eckhardt joins Pando Board
Mark Eckhardt, CEO of COMMON and recently elected member of the Pando Populus Board of Directors.
We welcome Mark Eckhardt to the Pando Populus Board of Directors! Mark has been a familiar face among Pandomaniacs for some time, having served as judge for both JUNK BATTLE! and PANDO DAYS. Now we’re hoping you’ll see even more of him. 

Mark currently is CEO of COMMON, a global community spanning 21 countries and 27 industries focused on accelerating “the launch and growth of businesses that take care of the planet and all the creatures on it.” Mark has been a professional drummer and musician, is an ordained Zen Buddhist Priest, and is a successful business executive and entrepreneur. 

As Pando board chair John Cobb puts it, “We’re delighted to welcome Mark onto the team!” 
Pando Days -- update and upcoming
Pando Days 2019-20 launch at the Second Home Pavilion by SelgasCano at the La Brea Tar Pits campus.
Like to know what has happened with the Pando Days initiatives that premiered over the summer? One received major funding from a giant tech firm. Another is being supported through a major national foundation. Two others are getting traction with the help of the new Cobb Institute. 

This is the kind of project acceleration we’d always hoped would happen. 

We’re posting blogs to help you stay up with the latest Pando Days project developments. Posted to date: SCI-Arc and USC, with more school postings to come. And this from John Cobb

Watch this space for the announcement of Pando Days 2021. 
Pando Blog Highlights
Artwork copyright © 2015 Tucker Nichols.
In this fascinating discussion, two Pando thought leaders, John B. Cobb, Jr. and Ed Bacon, sat down together over Zoom to talk about Pando Theology and what it means. John Cobb is the leading philosopher and theologian alive today in the tradition of process thought. Ed Bacon is the first to have preached about Pando from the pulpit. Both sit on the Pando board of directors.
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