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Gearing Up for Adventure
Cattle sharing the highway that cuts through the Pando grove.  

We’re planning the roadtrip of all roadtrips – to the Pando grove, in south-central Utah. It’s a fitting visit to the oldest living thing on Earth, and one of the most ancient. Think of it as adventure travel with a mission: to bridge divides for the sake of Pando and our common home.
Aiming for one long weekend in late summer/early fall (date still TBD), we are targeting both tree-huggers and hunters, environmentalists and ranchers, eco-adventurers and local business owners, scientists, celebrities, public intellectuals, and of course a great chef.    
ROADTRIP TO PANDO is part TED experience. Part citizen-scientist adventure. Part dialogue over evening campfires with people you’ve always dreamed of going on a trip with – and some you’d never imagine.    
It’s about reaching across the American cultural and political spectrum to engage in civil discourse for the sake of our common life and heritage.   
We’re anticipating only a small group of twenty-some travelers. In addition will be Special Guests who will lead tours of the area, give TED-style presentations on relevant issues, and facilitate discussions and brainstorming sessions – about bridging the gulfs that threaten the Pando grove itself and inhibit our ability to collaborate more effectively on broad environmental matters.
Interested?  Here’s what you can do. First, nominate Special Guests you might like to see take part. Think far and wide – including that person who would be so wrong to invite it would almost be right. Your A-list might include a celebrity or journalist you hugely admire – or someone who enrages you at times but about whom you harbor an intuition that there may still be some common ground. Whoever it is, we want to hear. 
Like to sign up for the trip? Let us know. Seats are limited. We’ll be using this as a fundraiser. 
Write Eugene Shirley:
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LA County change-makers are heading back to CAMPANDO Maryknoll later this month. It’s the second of four retreats this year for next-generation and established social justice and environmental leaders who need to recharge. 

CAMPANDO Maryknoll is a gift from the Maryknoll sisters to Los Angeles County.  Our inaugural event launched in January. 

If you know an LA County change-maker who would benefit from a weekend of dropping out, tuning in, and turning back on, let us know. Nominations for July and October events may be sent to: Betsy Hunter, at
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Pando Blog Highlights
Landowners, agency personnel, environmentalists, and scientists discuss forest decline issues at Wolf Creek Ranch, Utah.

Practicalities of Pando's Preservation.  

Paul Rogers, chief scientist for the Pando grove in Utah, writes in a recent blog post about the challenges of preservation in the midst of political and cultural divides. He writes:  

“If Pando is for tree-huggers, and tree-huggers are thought to be liberal elites well-heeled enough to be able to spend free time worrying about what seems to be a distant problem, then the most expansive tree on the planet is surely doomed.
“On the other hand, if Pando is all about connectivity, then those roots of connection extend across the political and ideological spectrum and bring us face-to-face with one another.”
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