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Trumponomics, Farm Blitz, Hope
"Cottonopolis” by Edward Goodall.

Eco-economics founder Herman Daly explores “Trumponomics” and the policy of “drill it, pump it, burn it, cut it down, dig it up, pave it over, buy it, consume it, and if it threatens to slow growth, then run over it or bomb it” in a substantial new blog post.

For twenty years, Daly taught in the Economics Department of Louisiana State University before taking a position at the then newly-created Environment Department of the World Bank, where he remained for six years. 

After leaving the World Bank, Daly joined the University of Maryland School of Public Policy – as opposed to the economics department.  

“I’m not really hard to get along with,” says Daly, reflecting on his relationship with economists and economics departments over the years. “But the idea of merging economics with ecology was a threat to the professional identity of many economists, so I was more or less bounced out of that fraternity.”  

Herman Daly and John Cobb’s 1989 book, For the Common Good: Redirecting the Economy toward Community, the Environment, and a Sustainable Future, is a classic in sustainability.
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Here’s the latest on Pando Hubs…
Huerta del Valle Executive Director Maria Alonso and Huerta Project Manager Arthur Levine.

FARM BLITZ: Conference on Urban Food Hubs and Community Gardens is helping to build our local fresh food system, February 23rd at Pitzer College’s Casa Ontario. A Pando Hubs initiative, FARM BLITZ is a collaboration with Huerta del Valle, a community garden and refuge for those who live and work in a food desert. Partnering institutions include Pitzer College, the City of Ontario, and Kaiser Permanente’s Heal Zone Initiative. 

FARM BLITZ aims to change the game for urban farmers, small-plot gardeners, and food hub people with marketing, distribution and strategy workshops focused on practical results. 

Restaurateurs, grocers and food service providers who want to offer more locally grown fresh produce will also want to attend. Click here to register. 
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Pandonistas. Copyright © 2015 by artist Tucker Nichols.

They came, they unplugged, and they recharged. That was the consensus from the first group of social justice and environmental leaders from Los Angeles County invited to spend a weekend in January at CAMPANDO Maryknoll, our most recent Pando Hubs initiative. The retreat was a gift from the Maryknoll Sisters to the LA change-maker community. It took place at the seven-acre Maryknoll convent in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. We’ve dubbed attendees, “Pandonistas.”

The Maryknoll sisters have long been on the social justice forefront, in some of the world’s hotspots. Many have served in active war zones, some under the threat of death, kidnapping or deportation. All know what it means to live on the front lines of change – an experience they have in common with social justice and environmental change-makers throughout the County.

Iesha Siler of the LA Food Policy Council said, “The weekend gave me the strength to get through the crazy work week that followed.”

Joe Galliani of the South Bay LA 350 Climate Action Group commented, “I never thought spending a weekend in a convent could be so much fun.” 

Plans are underway for three follow-on CAMPANDO Maryknoll retreats to be held in April, July, and October of this year. If you’re an LA change-maker needing to recharge your physical, mental and spiritual batteries, let us know.
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Pando Blog Highlights
Pando, the tree, in south-central Utah. Photo by Paul Rogers.

Poet Amy Flansburg reflects on the resiliency of Pando, the tree, in a recent poem for our blog post. A University of Wisconsin graduate student, Amy is leading a research project to help save the Pando grove. She writes: 

My fate is not
with tenacity,
I spread.  
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Noah’s Ark, anonymous, 1575 – 1599. Courtesy, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

And if you ever find yourself wondering why bother, check out John Cobb’s latest blog post, “What Keeps Us Trying?” He writes: “My guess is that if you were not keeping on, at least to some degree, you would not be reading this piece. Perhaps we are all fools, but let’s think about it.”
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Spiral Galaxy, NGC 6814. Courtesy of ESA/Hubble & NASA.

Want to study under Yale scholars Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim? Now you can through an online course – for FREE! (More than 13,000 people have already enrolled.)

Journey of the Universe: A Story of Our Times is a six-week MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that weaves the discoveries of the evolutionary sciences together with the humanities. The course draws on material from Tucker’s and Grim’s Emmy-award winning film of the same name.

Journey of the Universe focuses on our evolutionary origins and the urgency of protecting the diversity of life and environments on our home planet. It includes an exploration into the worldview of Thomas Berry, a historian of world religions known for articulating a “new story” of the universe. 

Journey of the Universe is available on Coursera free-of-charge. Class starts up again February 13th. 
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