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CSO Taskforce to give strategic guidance
Downtown Los Angeles, photo courtesy of Mulling it Over.  

Chief Sustainability Officers from business, government, and academia are coming together from across Los Angeles County to form a taskforce that will give strategic direction to Pando Populus’s work and advise on the direction of sustainability initiatives. 

The CSO Strategic Taskforce is being launched in collaboration with Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz. John Onderdonk, Director of Sustainability Programs at Caltech, serves as Chair. Andy Shrader, the Councilmember’s Director of Environmental Affairs, Water Policy, and Sustainability, is a founding principal. Gary Gero, CSO for LA County, is a founding member. 

The purpose of the Taskforce is to give strategic direction to the work that Pando does – so that the initiatives we launch coordinate and amplify other sustainability efforts in the Greater Los Angeles region and have the potential for stronger cumulative effect. It also will conceive of special projects that might further the goal of ecological sustainability for the region.  

Regarding the instigation of the Taskforce, John Onderdonk comments: “Councilmember Koretz joins us in believing there is a vital and urgent need for it.” 

The Taskforce aims to hold its first meeting in early summer on the campus of Caltech. 
Water entering the Los Angeles Aqueduct.  

Water and Power Blitz is the next Pando Hubs initiative to launch, designed to help create more mindful consumers of water and power as we work to create a more ecologically sustainable Los Angeles. The project is in collaboration with the Los Angeles United Methodist Urban Foundation and is made possible by a community partnership grant of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP).

Over the next six months, we’re bringing together twelve change-makers from six faith communities in Los Angeles Council District 5 to innovate new ways of helping LA become more water- and power-wise. 

We then test out innovative, small-bet ideas, and help kick-start the most promising. 
“We focus on a broad diversity of faith communities,” says Anne Hawthorne, the Urban Foundation’s Executive Director, “because they reach into the community, including historically under-served areas, and can come up with innovative, effective approaches.”

Water and Power Blitz is being facilitated by Pando Creative Director John Bielenberg, who has led countless businesses, government entities, and academic institutions into thinking wrong about every stage of their development. 

"Status quo approaches to water and power are no longer working in a climate-changing world," says Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz. "We’ve got to change the game."

Stay up with Rootball to follow the progress. 
"DEFEND THE SACRED" is a large-format art piece about human suffering and environmental degradation painted by Andrew van Zijl during his recent weekend stay at CAMPANDO. Andre is Co-Director of All Paths Divinity School. View more of Andre’s work here:

CAMPANDO Maryknoll welcomed its second group of LA County change-makers to the Maryknoll sisters’ seven-acre Monrovia compound in April. The long-weekend retreat helps County-wide social justice and environmental leaders unplug and recharge in the company of others who have been on the front lines of change.

Nominations are being accepted for the next two retreats of 2017: July and October. Notify Betsy Hunter at
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