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Join Cobb, Bielenberg, and others for the roadtrip of all roadtrips -- to save Pando’s life!
The ROADTRIP TO PANDO has twenty seats available. Want to make the trip? 
Over the long weekend of September 21-24, we’re traveling to the heart of the Pando grove in south-central Utah to visit the largest living organism on the planet (and our namesake!) and lay plans for saving this American treasure. The journey is part TED, part citizen-scientist exploration, and part workshop for turning big ideas into action.
We depart from Las Vegas early on Thursday, Sept. 21 by bus. The drive will take us through the magnificent Zion National Park. We arrive early evening at Fish Lake Lodge, adjacent to the Pando grove, in time for dinner.

Over the next two days, we explore the site of the largest and one of the oldest living things on Earth, assist Pando chief scientist Paul Rogers with data collection, and shore up conservation measures. We return to Vegas on Sunday, Sept. 24 in time to catch late afternoon/evening flights back home. 

John Cobb will join us the entire time, putting the whole into broad philosophical focus. Legendary designer John Bielenberg, and our founding Creative Director, will lead a “think wrong” brainstorming blitz focused on education and communications strategies for saving Pando’s life. And we’re anticipating surprise guests!

Pando is located in a remote and mountainous area, with cabin accommodations nearby. We’ll have our own chef on hand to keep you well (and wonderfully) fed. 

The setting, the mission, and the people on the trip add up to an experience you won’t want to miss. 

We are booking reservations on Eventbrite between now and July 10. Make it even more meaningful by getting your community behind you in supporting your trip! 
See you on the ROADTRIP TO PANDO! 
Pando grove at Fish Lake, Utah.
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Adolf and Catharina Croeser, Known as ‘The Burgomaster of Delft and his Daughter’, Jan Havicksz. Steen, 1655.  

A (Public) Bank of LA? There’s growing momentum for public banking in the United States. It’s not as radical an idea as it may seem. Los Angeles even had its own bank in the ‘70s.
S.L. Mintz, one of the authors of the congressional report on the 2008 banking crisis, has investigated what a public bank might do for LA County. He writes in a recent blog post:
“Savings at a Bank of Los Angeles County, if one existed, might liberate hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild bridges, tunnels, schools, roads, water mains and other vital infrastructure.” But, Steven notes, not without its own set of risks. 
It’s a fascinating piece. Read Steven’s Post.
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