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You know you’ve always wanted to think wrong. Here’s your chance!
Pando is teaming up with John Bielenberg’s Future Partners to help Los Angeles think wronger than ever about what John describes as its most wicked problems.  

Future Partners is the Silicon Valley innovation firm that has guided Pando’s creative development from the beginning.  Now we are deepening our collaboration – focusing together on those kinds of challenges that right-minded, status-quo thinking finds impossible to solve.  

We’ll be using the most advanced toolkit of its kind for fostering the innovation needed to create a more ecological way of life.  Pando Hubs is the environment in which we plan to get all this wrong thinking to happen.  

Future Partners’ Think Wrong methodology is being used by NGOs throughout the Americas, as well as in Europe and Asia, some of the biggest corporations in the country, and by innovators from various branches of government.  

We begin rolling out Think Wrong blitzes early in the new year.  In the meantime, to see for yourself what a methodological approach to thinking wrong is all about, buy the book!
The Huntington Library and Gardens offered up a grand finale to our inaugural docent training program on Nov. 19. Spearheaded by the urban parks non-profit Amigos de los Rios, the program involved a highly diverse group of more than twenty would-be docents (from teens to sexagenarians) and equipped them to educate Angelenos about the wonders of the great watershed areas that extend from the San Gabriel Mountains, wash across the Huntington, and move on to the Pacific Ocean. Jim Folsom, Huntington’s long-time botanical gardens director, gave the final talk (five weeks before, John Cobb opened). Betsy Hunter served as Pando Hubs arborist extraordinaire.
“Emerald Necklace docents-in-training at the program’s final session held at the Huntington Library and Gardens.”
Emerald Necklace docents-in-training at the program’s final session held at the Huntington Library and Gardens.
Honors from Los Angeles County and the City of Carson were presented to Pando on Nov. 11 for “invaluable” and “dedicated service to the affairs of the community” in recognition of our Pando Hubs Initiative to transform the two-acre Carson Community Garden into a center of urban eco-agriculture, eco-education and culture. The event took place during Veterans’ Day celebrations, with city officials presiding, a military band, and five-gun salute. Partners included the Architecture and Community Design Program at the University of San Francisco and the Carson Parks and Recreation Department. Next step: implementation of the master plan. Mervis Reissig was the Pando Hubs masterful arborist.  
Steven Navarro presented the master plan for the Carson Community Garden at a Veterans’ Day event in Carson.
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Pando Board of Directors deepens talent pool with newly-named directors Rebecca Schmitt and Vickere Murphy. 
Rebecca Schmitt is an executive and entrepreneur with deep experience in commercial online businesses. Last year, she was named one of Folio Magazine's Top Women in Media, in the Corporate Visionary category.
Vickere Murphy managed Senator Carol Liu’s GREEN21 program and has a long history in SoCal political campaigns. Pre-politics, she was an engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where she worked on the flight team for the Galileo mission to Jupiter, among other space science projects.  
Looking for resources? Climate, water, energy, funding, and a host of other resources are now collected on a dedicated section of the Pando Populus website – thanks to Sen. Carol Liu and Vickere Murphy’s GREEN21website (now retired) and Kevin Madden’s knowledge management. Check out the resources section of the site – and contribute your own sources of key information over time to help keep us up to date. 
What are you doing tomorrow? If you live anywhere near Santa Monica, catch a screening of RACING EXTINCTION: Oscar®-winning director Louie Psihoyos (THE COVE) assembles a team of artists and activists on an undercover operation to expose the hidden world of endangered species and the race to protect them against mass extinction. Panel discussion follows. Get tickets here.

When: Wednesday, December 7th, 7pm.
Where: Aero Theater, 1328 Montana Ave., Santa Monica. 
Never forget – we’re counting on you! Volunteer now to help make ecological civilization happen in Los Angeles County – one street address at a time.

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