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Blitzing across the Southland
Attendees at the Pando Blitz included Paul Rogers, chief scientist for Pando (the tree) and director of the Western Aspen Alliance.  

Chief Sustainability Officers from higher education, government, and corporate institutions joined us at the Huntington Library and Gardens for an all-Pando brainstorming event.  

The day-long blitz, facilitated by Pando co-founder John Bielenberg, took stock of progress over the two-and-a-half years since our founding, and brainstormed next steps.  Some thirty influencers from throughout LA County and beyond joined us on February 25.   

Participants emphasized our value as an executive producer of hyper-local events in the Southland -- what we call Pando Hubs.  Partnering institutions value the help we can offer with capacity-building -- that is, helping them to accomplish specific objectives they don’t have time or capacity to do alone (think old-fashioned barn-raisings but with an urban and eco twist).  

Going forward, we anticipate that a brain trust will start to give strategic guidance to Pando Hub development.  This will ensure that our work has the coordinated and cumulative effect we want in helping Los Angeles fastrack its sustainability goals.  

More to come.  
Here’s the latest on Pando Hubs…
FARM BLITZ participants at a workshop.

FARM BLITZ hopes to transform a food desert in the latest Pando Hubs event.  

FARM BLITZ: Conference on Urban Food Hubs and Community Gardens brought some fifty urban farmers and community gardeners together to explore business and practical ideas needed to make their local food production more economically sustainable.  

The all-day blitz was held February 23 in collaboration with Huerta del Valle, a four-acre community garden and urban farm in the City of Ontario, CA.

Philanthropist Tom Steyer and U.S. Representative Norma Torres from the 35th congressional district of California showed up to tour the farm during the event.  

“This was such a great event for learning and networking,” said Blitz co-organizer, Arthur Levine.  “FARM BLITZ was a key opportunity for our community to nurture and extend our local food system.”

FARM BLITZ was organized by Claudia Pearce and Arthur Levine.  Partnering institutions included Pitzer in Ontario, Kaiser Permanente’s Heal Zone Initiative, and  
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We’re bagging bad trash habits at Pando events.

Throwing away throwaway habits takes a lot of work (and a sense of humor helps).    

We’re aiming to make Pando events “zero waste.”  But as our recent experience shows, getting anywhere close to that goal means a lot of hauling, unstacking, brewing, cleaning, stacking again, hauling back home, storing...  

Compared to one person dashing into Starbucks and then tossing everything into the trash afterwards, zero waste events are a lot of work.  

So Betsy Hunter, who is spearheading Pando’s zero waste initiative, is collecting all sorts of useful tips on the Pando website to make it easier -- and even enjoyable. 

Speaking of fun reminds us of marketing guru Alex Bogusky’s famous quip that saving the world has to be fun, or else no one will do it.  What Bogusky says about the world is likely to be true about doing the dishes.  

When you aim to make your next event zero waste, check out the ideas Betsy is pulling together (and don’t be afraid to throw some soap!).   
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Pando Blog Highlights
UCLA Sage Hill Conservation Project.

John Cobb’s new blogpost announces a fascinating development at UCLA: a shift away from value-free education.

Most liberals assume that keeping values out of schools is common sense. But when the explicit discussion of values becomes off limits, the only value that remains (and therefore goes unchallenged) is money. 

UCLA is changing the game. John writes that the university “is switching its goal from being value-free to serving sustainability.” He continues:  

“I have long hoped that universities would educate to this end. This hope has often seemed to be a mere idle wish with no grounding in real universities. I deeply rejoice that this situation is changing.”
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