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MAGENTA HOUSE launches from Pando Accelerator  
MAGENTA HOUSE Festival premiere at Westwood Hills Congregational Church in Los Angeles.  MAGENTA HOUSE is a test-case initiative of the Pando Accelerator on the Maryknoll Monrovia campus.   
Launching from the Pando Accelerator this summer has been a major new education and communications initiative that could change the game on water conservation and power efficiency. Called MAGENTA HOUSE, it focuses on Do-It-Yourself solutions for homeowners and renters alike for a more resilient Los Angeles County.  

The project is a test-case example of what the Pando Accelerator can do for the common good in the Southland. MAGENTA HOUSE was conceived, incubated, prototyped and launched into the real world through our Accelerator program, located on the Maryknoll Sisters’ campus in Monrovia, CA.
MAGENTA HOUSE counters the myth that making over a home into a standout example of resiliency can only be done by experts and must cost thousands of dollars. It empowers residents to take matters into their own hands and make positive change happen in their own homes on a DIY basis. 
MAGENTA HOUSE events are of two types: Pop-Up Festivals and Home Makeovers.  

Festivals are broad, public events that center around our specially designed pop-up structure (pictured above) that showcase nearly twenty water and power conservation solutions.  

Home Makeover events are more workshop-oriented, held at individual residences with expert-guided DIY learning involving family, neighbors, and an invited community.  

Our UseMore promotional campaign supports the whole of the MAGENTA HOUSE initiative and gets folks talking like never before.

MAGENTA HOUSE is sponsored by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) in association with LA City Councilmember Paul Koretz. A collaborative effort involving four higher ed institutions, more than a dozen businesses and NGOs and five faith communities, it’s an example of what diverse organizations can accomplish for the common good.   

To watch MAGENTA HOUSE popping up at the Pando Accelerator, go here. For pictures and more, see “The Story of MAGENTA HOUSE.”
Special thanks to producer Betsy Hunter; creative director Geneva Bielenberg; architectural designer John E. Bielenberg; fabrication head, Eamon Conklin; graphic designers Michael Braley and Aubrey Burgess, with Will Felker and Wei Wei Hsu; writer Rich Binell; specialist consultants Joel Pereda, Enso Squared Building Solutions; Marcela Oliva, LA Trade Tech College/Architecture; Mark Lipps and Todd Saks, Beach Cities Solar Consulting; Deborah Deets, Landscape Architect, City of Los Angeles; Claire Robinson and Kumar Bloomstein, Amigos de los Rios; Joseph Gallegos, Grey4Green; Roland Macias, loanDepot; Pasadena City College/Fabrication Lab; LA Trade Tech College/Architecture; University of La Verne; California College of the Arts/Secret Project; Westwood Hills Congregational Church; St. Cyril’s of Jerusalem Catholic Church; Guru Ram Das Ashram; the IKAR community; the Maryknoll Sisters of Monrovia; Mervis Reissig; Amy Goldberg; and Michael Noyola, Grecia Morales Zapata, Joe Rodriguez, Denaly Zacahula and K’lema Burleson.
PANDO DAYS logo designed by Michael Braley, art by Tucker Nichols. 
PANDO DAYS is our next big initiative, launching this October in the cultural heart of Los Angeles. 

PANDO DAYS provides the creative environment in which eleven of the region’s famed art and design colleges will produce eleven ingenious initiatives over the next six months that support the County’s new plan for sustainability – the most ambitious regional plan in the country. 

Our goal: to unite the Southland’s creative community around creating countywide resiliency by the time of the 2028 Olympic Games.  

We launch with a public event Saturday, Oct. 12 on the campus of the La Brea Tar Pits in the Second Home Pavilion by SelgasCano; continue the creative energy with an all-day brainstorming blitz with top designers and creatives at the new Second Home campus in Hollywood; enter a six-month period of project development and acceleration, and then conclude with a blow-out festival in April 2020. 

In collaboration with the most creative people in LA County, we’ll be producing nearly a dozen initiatives and campaigns that will educate and focus the region on what matters most: building a resilient future. 

PANDO DAYS is a collaboration with the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Strategic Taskforce and sponsored by Second Home. The PANDO DAYS launch event is part of Second Home’s Community Marathon Weekend.   

Register for the launch! And go here to learn more.  
CSO Taskforce brainstorms support for new sustainability plan
Taskforce members get an up-close look at the inner workings of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s LEED Platinum building in Agoura Hills, California.  
The Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Strategic Taskforce for LA County recently met to begin developing a strategic plan for how it can best help the County meet its newly-adopted sustainability goals. The meeting was hosted by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation at their Agoura Hills LEED Platinum building, a structure that operates more like an organism than it does a machine and manages at the same time to be stunningly beautiful. 

The founding idea of the Taskforce was to bring together the CSOs of higher ed, government, and business to focus on issues related to the County as a whole that wouldn’t get the same attention from siloed interests.  

Over the past two years, we’ve built membership, held interesting meetings at fairly regular intervals, developed a comprehensive database of municipal sustainability throughout the region, and launched a prototype for peer-to-peer executive level education for city sustainability: CITY BLITZ. Our upcoming PANDO DAYS was conceived within, and is a collaboration with, the Taskforce. 

The all-day meeting began with an in-depth building tour led by Katherine MIller, project lead on building construction and facilities head for the Foundation, followed by a presentation about the new LA County sustainability plan offered by one of the plan’s architects, Chris Rhie. The rest of the day was devoted to strategic brainstorming facilitated by Pando board member Brandt Williams. 

Stay tuned for more developments!
Pando Fellow Welcome and Goodbyes
 Incoming Pando Fellow Aubrey Burgess. 
Believe it or not, it’s been more than a year since we launched the Pando Fellows program. Geneva Bielenberg, Fellow pioneer who helped launch the Pando Accelerator at Maryknoll and its inaugural initiative, MAGENTA HOUSE, is moving on to other adventures (but remaining a Pandomaniac at heart!). Aubrey Burgess is taking up the position now and moving the program into its second year. 
Aubrey is a recent graduate of the design program from the University of Kansas and knew about the challenges of a social impact startup from when she came here earlier in her senior year for a blitz event. But now she’s back -- to put her graphic design training and other skills to work as we continue to ramp up activities. 
For key months this summer, the Fellows were joined by Pando Interns Denaly Zacahula and K’lema Burleson from the University of La Verne.  
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