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Building Pandotopia in Monrovia
Pandotopia has a new street address, and it’s in Monrovia at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains.  

More than 40 change-makers of every stripe came together on Dec. 1 to re-imagine the Maryknoll Sisters’ Monrovia-based compound as a site of what Pope Francis calls “integral ecology” and John Cobb describes as “ecological civilization.”  We called the day-long event PANDOTOPIA BLITZ.  

The Maryknoll compound has for the past year been the location of quarterly CAMPANDO retreats for those who need to unplug.  Pando Populus is now helping the legendary league of women religious brainstorm ideas for recharging the location in ways that will meet LA County’s environmental and social justice needs -- and model what a community of integral ecology looks like.  

Watch this space (and get prepared to grab a shovel, or bucket of paint!). 

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LA County CSO Gary Gero offers a preview of the Countywide Sustainability Plan for Los Angeles on Nov. 14. 

Los Angeles County Chief Sustainability Officer Gary Gero keynoted the second meeting of the CSO Strategic Taskforce on November 14 to an audience gathered from the professional sustainability communities of academic, business, and government institutions.  Gero used the opportunity to offer the first public look at the Countywide Sustainability Plan.  

Mike Wallace, Managing Director of the sustainability consultancy BrownFlynn, then described opportunities for aggregating the influence of LA County in a sustainable direction.  He joined Eugene Shirley in describing a new city-to-city executive-level education initiative to share best practices in sustainability among the 88 separate municipalities in the county: CITY BLITZ.  

Andy Shrader, from LA City Councilmember Paul Koretz’s office, led the group in a brainstorming session focused on ramping up the number of EV charging stations throughout the city.  

Go here to read more about the Taskforce and read the Nov. 14 presentations.  The CSO Strategic Taskforce is chaired by John Onderdonk, CSO of Caltech, and is an initiative of Pando Populus in collaboration with Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz. 
T-shirt reading, “Use More Water, It’s Fine,” is part of a campaign developing out of the WATER AND POWER Blitz initiative. 

“Use More Water, It’s Fine” is the lede for an experimental campaign launched December 1 at the second of our WATER AND POWER BLITZ initiatives.  The campaign is the product of Thinking Wrong and is designed to provoke conversation and get people talking about how it’s not OK to use up Earth’s precious resources.

A provocative and ironic “opposites” campaigns can be effective when on-the-nose messaging no longer works.  And as the advertising genius Alex Bogusky puts it, changing the world has to be fun or nobody's going to do it.  

Two dozen prototype shirts are now sparking conversations throughout West LA and beyond.  We’re collecting user data to gauge campaign effectiveness.  We’ll revise the campaign according to input.  

Want to be a part of testing and assessing WATER AND POWER BLITZ prototypes as they roll out over coming weeks?  Go to to order your own shirt and get an early look at the campaign.  
ROADTRIP TO PANDO commemorative poster.

ROADTRIP TO PANDO 2017 posters are ready to be shipped!  The poster is the creation of award-winning designer Michael Braley and utilizes a two color silk screen process suitable for framing.  It includes the names of all participants and sponsors.  If you went on the trip, helped make it possible, or just wish you had joined in, you’ll want to get your poster -- free!  Just cover shipping and handling.  Send an email to to order.  

The 2017 ROADTRIP brought together an extraordinarily diverse and creative group, all Thinking Wrong about the Pando grove, the work of Pando Populus in LA County, and broader messaging.  

As a result, plans are being hatched with Chief Scientist Paul Rogers for supporting Pando conservation.  The PANDOTOPIA Blitz (above) got kicked off, as a direct result of ROADTRIP brainstorming.  Plans are being developed for interfaith communications.  And more.  

And if you’ve not yet seen them, make sure to check out recent feature stories on Pando in Discover Magazine and the Salt Lake Tribune, where you’ll find a number of folks from the 2017 ROADTRIP interviewed. 

Plans for ROADTRIP TO PANDO 2018 are now underway.  Don’t miss out!  
Hope Hendricks-Bacon and Ed Bacon hiking in the Pando grove, Fish Lake, UT, September 2017. 

Welcome to the Board!  

We welcome The Rev. Ed Bacon to the Pando Populus Board of Directors!  Ed served for more than 20 years as Rector of one of the largest and most socially active progressive churches in the country, All Saints in Pasadena.  A national media figure, he was the first faith leader to regularly and systematically call attention to the Pando one-tree-forest as a contemporary and inter-religious symbol of faith. Listen to Ed talking about Pando at a recent Rector’s Forum in Pasadena

Rebecca Schmitt, who is an existing Board member, has been appointed Secretary/Treasurer.  She replaces Vern Visick, who served in this position until his death. 
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