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PANDO DAYS accelerates a future we want to inhabit
PANDO DAYS launched at the extraordinary Second Home Pavilion by SelgasCano at the La Brea Tar Pits campus in the cultural heart of Los Angeles. An extra run of tickets were needed to meet demand.
We’re helping Los Angeles County implement its new sustainability plan by marshalling the creative talents of 11 Southland colleges to develop initiatives and campaigns to implement County goals. It’s likely the largest coordinated effort ever undertaken among diverse higher educational institutions to build resiliency.  We're calling it, PANDO DAYS

A public kickoff on Oct. 12, followed by a collegiate Blitz on Oct. 19, launched PANDO DAYS into a six-month production period at the 11 college campus sites where work is focused on project development for implementing the County’s sustainability plan. The Second Home Pavilion by SelgasCano at the La Brea Tar Pits hosted the launch event (to see launch photos, go here), with the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation hosting the all-day Blitz at their Agoura Hills campus (Blitz photos, here). 
PANDO DAYS Blitz was facilitated by John Bielenberg and Brandt Williams (pictured above) at the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s LEED Platinum building in Agoura Hills, CA, with some 120 attendees.
John Bielenberg and Brandt Williams facilitated both launch and Blitz events. LA County’s Chief Sustainability Officer Gary Gero framed the work with an introduction to the County’s sustainability plan, the most ambitious regional plan in the country. UCLA’s Rebeca Mendez connected design thinking to the urgent task of building resiliency.  

Outside domain experts have volunteered expertise to advise on project direction at each of the colleges. Small operating budgets are covering material costs and honoraria. For a list of the participating institutions and short descriptions of their projects, go here.  

Next on the agenda: schools are invited to make use of the makerspace and facilities at the Pando at Maryknoll campus in Monrovia for concentrated periods of work. Then in February, we’ll host a PANDO DAYS Sneak Peak event at the home of Pando board member Rob Floe for project previews and to attract additional funding support.    

Mark your calendars for the PANDO DAYS culminating event on April 25 at Second Home Hollywood. We’ll showcase the work of all 11 teams and see them launch into action for a more resilient Los Angeles.  

PANDO DAYS is made possible in part by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and Second Home, with additional support from generous members of the Pando community. Reach out to Eugene Shirley to join our growing list of supporters. Special thanks to PANDO DAYS producer Beth Cohen; to PANDO DAYS executive producer and curator Adam Eewens; and to Pando Fellow Aubrey Burgess.  
UCLA landscape program imagines how resiliency can grow on Pando at Maryknoll campus
A UCLA landscape architecture charrette was held at Pando at Maryknoll Monrovia with more than 70 students and faculty attending.
The entire UCLA extension program in landscape architecture, students and instructors alike, spent Sunday, Nov. 3 at the Pando at Maryknoll Monrovia campus re-imagining it as a residential research park for integral ecology with a convent at its heart. The best of their ideas have been collected into a booklet and will be used to spur plans for downstream implementation. 
Department Chair Stephanie Landregan organized the event as an opportunity for real-world, values-focused work. The department does one such joint project every few years. We are honored to have been the focus of their work. 
The day began with graduating student Patty Gum presenting her own master plan for the campus, prepared as a thesis project over previous months. Groups and sub-groups of students and instructors then took Patty’s work as a starting point and conceived their own ideas focused on quadrant sections of the campus, coming back together at the end of the day to compare notes. In all, more than 70 were involved. Maryknoll Sisters and Pando team members joined in discussions.  

Pando at Maryknoll is a collaboration with the sisters to reimagine the 7 ½ acre campus as a demonstration, education, and acceleration site of social and ecological resilience -- what Pope Francis describes as “integral ecology” and John Cobb calls “ecological civilization.”  

Sustainable landscaping is already underway in a section of the campus, focused on water retention, native plants, soil health, and biodiversity. Because of the importance of local food production to any model of resilience, a kitchen garden has been put in.

The campus is becoming a place for accelerating initiatives and campaigns for positive impact. We envision the newly-established “lab” and makerspace at the site being used for transdisciplinary and values-driven work focused on the common good. The UCLA landscaping charrette is just one example of the kind of creative work that will be done here to reimagine culture with the earth and each other in mind.    

Looking to join a visionary opportunity? We’re aiming for a strong 2020. Reach out to Betsy Hunter to hear more and volunteer!
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