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ECOLIBRIUM blitzing LA this fall!
The Second Home Serpentine Pavilion by SelgasCano, soon to be installed at the La Brea Tar Pits in the heart of Los Angeles. The Pavilion will house the ECOLIBRIUM BLITZ event.  
We’re gathering 100 of the most creative people in Los Angeles together to invent ingenious initiatives and campaigns to remake LA County into a showcase of resiliency by the time of the 2028 Olympic Games. 
The event involves 8 to 10 design schools along with social impact organizations from across the Southland to brainstorm campaigns and initiatives that can create real impact. 
We end with The Ecolibrium Awards, honoring the intersection of creativity and effectiveness in eco policy and activism Countywide. 

As for the ideas brainstormed earlier in the day? We send them out to acceleration sites for development and implementation – for students, instructors, and pros to prototype and test their effectiveness in changing the game. 

ECOLIBRIUM BLITZ is a collaboration with the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Strategic Taskforce. Caltech has been hosting Blitz planning sessions. 
Radical roots
French Breakfast Radishes germinating at Pando at Maryknoll, Monrovia. 
Radical commitment is the throughline connecting Maryknoll Sisters and designers, activists and sustainability officers at the new Pando at Maryknoll campus in Monrovia that you’ve been hearing about. And radishes are bringing us all together. 

Seedlings are sprouting for a new kitchen garden, with radishes the first to pop through the soil. It feels symbolically important because “radish” and “radical” have a common origin, tracing to “root.” At Pando at Maryknoll, we’re all radical in aiming to return to our rootedness in the Earth, our common home. 

This spring, a great deal is happening on campus. First up, UCLA teams and other volunteers are devoting some 700 hours and a sizeable budget to begin landscape makeover, water capture, native plants rejuvenation, and beautification. More activity soon to follow from CA Southland teams and beyond. We’ll keep you posted. 

Want to make a difference? Click here to volunteer. We’re really, really, really beginning to incarnate integral ecology on a specific parcel of land, and we need your help!
Wait, what? 
Click image above to watch the video.
Yes, indeed! We’re launching a campaign that actually tells people to go ahead and use more of Earth’s precious resources. The website says it all: The campaign includes tabling events and t-shirts that say the exact opposite of what we want people actually to do.
“The idea came about in last year’s WATER AND POWER BLITZ, when some of us were despairing that no one pays attention anymore to well-meaning conservation campaigns that ask you to ‘save the drop’ or ‘pull the plug,’” says Pando Creative Director John Bielenberg. “It just goes in one ear and out the other.”  
“So we thought, why not launch an opposites campaign -- and just say the opposite of what we want people to do. And see if that might get their attention. And then, once we have it, focus them back on doing the right thing.”  
Our MAGENTA HOUSE initiative, which rolls out next month, will demonstrate all the right actions they can take to use less and less of the things we’re running out of.

Want to join the usemore campaign, get your own t-shirt, and see what conversations you can provoke? Order usemore water t-shirts here, and usemore power here.
Expedition: Pando
Designed by Michael Braley.
Here’s your chance to visit Pando if you missed ROADTRIP (2017) and PILGRIMAGE (2018), or in case you just want to see an old friend again. 

Expedition: Pando is setting off at the end of May for the camping trip of all camping trips, led by designer and outdoorsman Marc O’Brien and Pando chief scientist Paul Rogers. 

The adventure is for do-it-yourselfers who want to pitch their own tents, cook their own food, and do hands-on preservation work -- all in the company of other Pandomaniacs in the midst of this ancient and amazing grove. 

In the process, the team will document campsites, trails, best practices and educational tips for those who want to visit downstream. Expedition: Pando opens up a wholly new option for how Pando can be experienced. 

Interested? Learn more about the trip or read Marc’s blog post. Questions? Contact Marc here. Limited space.  
Welcome new members of the Board of Directors! 
Karenna Gore (pictured left) is an attorney, author, and Director of the Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary. The author of Lighting the Way: Nine Women Who Changed Modern America, she is a graduate of Harvard College, Columbia Law School and Union Theological Seminary. 
Robert Floe (pictured left) is the president and CEO of Floe Financial Partners. He has been advising private clients, charitable organizations and companies since 1987, and has been a member of charitable boards in the community for the past 25 years. 
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