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Pando Days projects get ready to premiere!
Pando Days wraps up its 2021 season with online premiere events December 6-9 with ten Southland colleges and universities showcasing the projects they’ve developed in dedicated courses, studios, or labs over the fall term to implement LA County’s sustainability plan. 

And you are invited to the premiere presentations of their work!

“USC’s project for Pando Days is just one example of the kind of amazing projects that are in this year’s pipeline,” says co-executive producer Judith Parker.  

“Though, frankly, USC’s isn't quite a single project, but more a project of fascinating projects -- collected under the USC umbrella.”
Five different USC teams have been at work on the school’s single Pando Days submission – all focusing on Skid Row. Each of the USC teams explores the challenge from a different angle. 

Two-thirds of the way into the fall term, in pouring rain under a canvas tent, thirty-six USC graduate students, six faculty members and twelve guests assembled for a sneak preview of the presentations.  A forty-page booklet documents their progress.  

It was a preview of the excellence you’ll see from all of the Pando Days colleges and universities at the premiere events.

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