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Pando on YouTube
Pando Populus launches its YouTube channel with 
key conference videos, including:  
Pete Seeger's film that played at the conference.

Herman Daly’s plenary video with John Cobb, moderated by Public Radio International’s Warren Olney.

Pando itself, scenes from Utah.

Conference session “Religion in Human and Cosmic Evolution” – now with more than 300 views. 
Watch as more conference videos roll out over the coming weeks. updates:
Pando Talks – the place where you can discuss any of the conference topics, including ideas about the conference generally or about Pando Populus. 

Fourteen discussion channels have already been launched. If you don’t see a topic you like, create your own thread.  Keep alternative conversations going. Talk! 

Postings from Seizing an Alternative
We are adding conference notes, presentations, and audio/video links related to sections and tracks on a rolling basis. They will be posted to appropriate pages as available.
New blog posts include:
Conference banquet address: David Griffin revisits the idea of a “Whitehead century” and adds up the evidence for it.

Section I plenary: Catherine Keller unpacks the “fallacy of misplaced concreteness” in the context of “What Can Trigger Transformation?”  

Section IV plenary: Philip Clayton describes fundamental shifts to Reenvision Nature and Reenvision Science. 

Section V plenary: Sandra Lubarsky asks the question, “What Can We Hope For?”
What Pandomaniacs
have been up to

Read John Cobb’s statement on the Pope’s new climate change encyclical. 

Stuart Kauffman and co-authors Caryn DevinsRoger Koppl and Teppo Felin write for the UN’s Academic Impact site on moving forward with Sustainable Development Goals (Pando blog coming soon).

Luther Dale gets chosen as this year's Sierra Club recipient for the William E. Colby Award.

Ellen Brown’s Public Banking Institute posts an important piece, “Do the People Have the Power?”

John Cobb writes post-conference reflections for
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