CESE update: April 2019
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The latest from CESE

New registered professional learning

Our Cognitive load theory classroom practice guide has been added to our MyPL catalogue. The practice guide allows educators to engage with practical strategies to implement cognitive load theory. 

The course is part 2 to our existing Cognitive load theory course. You must have completed part 1 before enrolling in part 2. The course asks participants to read the seven strategies outlined in the practice guide, then reflect on your own practice by answering two questions:
  • When have I used this strategy over the last year?
  • How could I use this strategy in future lessons?
When the reflection responses are signed off by a supervisor or a MyPL line manager, you will receive 2 hours of accreditation.
You can access the new course in our professional learning catalogue.

Don't have time to read our publications? 

Some of our most popular publications now have short and succinct summaries, perfect for busy teachers. 
Publications with summaries include:

We also have posters, to share the evidence in school staffrooms. 

Publications with posters include:
Visit any of the above publication pages to download the posters as a PDF. 

In case you missed it

Our latest language diversity bulletin

We recently published our 2018 language diversity bulletin, summarising the language backgrounds of students in NSW government schools.

The bulletin shows the diversity of our students:
  • over 280,000 students have a language background other than English (LBOTE)
  • across all LBOTE students in our schools, there were 239 different languages spoken
  • the top languages/language groups include Indian, Chinese, Arabic and Vietnamese.
To read the full publication, visit the CESE website.
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